• Once again, I am left without you. I wait silently, dying I believe in my own way... This pain of waiting is something I can't bare any longer. I lay awake every night wondering if you have survived today, or perhaps you're dying at this very moment. Should I ''knock on wood'' for thinking about you dying? I think not, because believing in the supernatural can help you, or it can trouble you.
    During the day I can't concentrate. My pens scribble off the pages as imagines flash across my mind, in which you're dying. Gun shots flying by you as you fight for your comrades, but it isn't enough is it? Leaving your love to fight for someone else's war. Why can't countries defend theirselves? No, that's wrong. I shouldn't be thinking that. I'm being selfish, because I know that if our country the land of the ''free'' were attacked, I'd want someone to help us, to aid us in our time of need.
    It's the 4th month without you. I tell myself that every day, every minute, every second brings me closer to your arms. But it's not enough to heal the emptyness inside me. When the phone rings, it's my greatest fear. I always think that maybe it's you that's been shot, killed in a suicidal bomb attempt, or maybe choked to death. I just can't take this waiting anymore, it's making me suicidal myself. How am I to make it through this if I can barely survive a day without fearing for you.
    When I was younger my mother told me, ''When you love someone, you worry for them every waking moment of the day. Even if you know they're at work, flipping hamburgers, or typing on the computer,'' and I believe her now, because if my boyfriend were to come home today, and he were severly wounded, half his face missing, I'd still love him unconditionally.
    The only thing I can do now is wait, hold on to the light far away, when I finally see you again, and I can be in your warm arms.