• Her Side:
    She knew it hurt him. Her fake love. Did he know yet? That her love was for her own use. Her twisted ways. Since the beginning, it was fake. Now it was real. She had seen him first when she was at school. June 15, 2000. Tuesday. English. They had acted out Romeo and Juliet. As she looked into his eyes, she knew he was the one. The one who could lift the curse. The curse that her family had. She couldn't fall in love. She would fake it, he would fall in love, then she would tear his heart apart, and bring her family to freedom. Now, she felt the burn for him. When she kissed him, it was real. She would walk up to the priest and say "I do" for him. She would risk her life for him. To choose, is a hard decision. Love or family? Family raised you. Love controls you. She would die for him. She would die because of him. Her family would die because of him. What will she do?

    His Side:
    He knew it. That her love wasn't for him. When he kissed her, he felt it. Ever since Tuesday, June 15, 2000 in English, he loved her. He will die for her. He will live for her. He will do anything for her. He can't help it. He knows her love is fake, but his love is real. It's for the curse his dad put on them. She didn't know that. His dad did. All the troubles they got into. It was in his heart for sure. In her heart, he didn't know. He is like her slave. To use when needed, and dumped when uneeded. Now, when she said it for real, that she loved him, he knew that she was the one. They would defeat his dad, or die together. He was blinded by the hatred between their families and love between them. This wasn't possible in anyway. This wasn't reality. Of course though, it was. What they were going to do was the question.

    Story Ending:
    They walked together, hand in hand, towards his house. She looked forever at him, his brave face. Willing to face his father for their love. She hadn't even loved him at first. What will happen. He was thinking deeply. What would he say to his father? About his love for her. Will he tell him to kill her because she didn't love him back? No. That wasn't right. They knocked and his mother opened. "He's in a good mood, son. I will leave. I will get help for you," she said as she quickly slid out the thin opened door and left. He sighed, and they both walked in. "Dad," he said. "Yes son?" replied his father. "I want to tell you about this girl," he said. His father didn't know that she was in the room, because he was facing the other way. "Oh, my boy, the ladies man," said his father and laughed his booming laugh. "No, dad. I love her, and she loves me," he said. "Yes, that's true. I know your a wizard, and that's okay," she said. "Ahh. A Headly Witch's voice, do I hear? The worst enemy of our family of Norhan Wizard's. Son, did you tell," he asked, with a hint of anger in his voice. "Yes, father. I think my love deserves the right to know. Unlike your relationship with mom, we are a honest couple," he said to his father. "Ah. Honest. So you do know that she didn't love you at first?" he asked his son. "Yes." he said calmly. "Well, that's a problem, isn't it? You falling in love with a witch," his father said disgustedly. "No. It isn't, because we both love each other," she said, coldly. "That means you die together," his father said, angrily. They both ran out the house. This was their plan. They wouldn't die because of the father. They sprinted, towards the end of the cliff on their road. The saw both the families behind. Somehow everyone was alerted. Her mom and his dad were at the front. They were close, but not close enough. He stopped at the edge. She pulled his face towards her and they pulled in to a long kiss. The families were burning with anger. With their last breath, the jumped. The fell and died. They thought that now, hopefully the families would become friends. Too bad. They hated each other even more because they thought that the other family kid forced their family kid to die. This war will keep going. That is how their love got wounded. And it will stay wounded.