• Every year a fairy of the moon came about and flew from north to south then back repeating itself. From the north it flew south until summer, then from the south it flew north until winter. On it's way it would listen to the stories of many travels it met on its way. From the north to the south the small fairy seemed to find a companion to travel with for small periods of time. They'd grow what seemed like a great bond. Until the departure when the traveler left the fairy's path and they parted. Every time the fairy would only hope to find them the year after or even later, maybe waiting for it to travel with for another period of time.

    Though it knew it wasn't so. Many times the fairy would find that many of the travelers didn't seem to know it's purpose, where it was heading, or even who the fairy was. Though of course the fairy had listened intently to their stories and problems. The fairy's heart seemed to lay many layers of grief upon it's self until light seemed no longer able to shine. But then a new companion was met and life moved on. Slowly the light from the fairy's heart seemed to return, but only for the short time. Once again came departure, and the fairy's heart only grew heavier for it felt it's troubles as well as theirs.

    One day the fairy would just wish to stop it's journey. Though it's chained to it by dignity and responsibility. The pressure of all those who depended on it to be there seems to shackle the fairy to it's orbit. During the time with a companion, the guilt of leaving them seems to the fairy like it's death of it's soul. While after the companion had left, it feels the need that yet another traveler has for it.

    Only the fairy seems to notice itself with such idea, for no one seems to truly care for the fairy. While it's heart is black it seems as though no one shall care for its existence, though it's ideas occupy it. From the emotion of humans, to the composition of an atom the fairy is always thinking. Only when the fairy has its break from all, in that short time where it's not accessible by other travelers, does it ever realize it's own emotions. It seems to always feel this sadness, but fears for others more than it's self.

    The fairy's appearance never seems to falter on the outside, for it is cursed. By the gods of hell immortality keeps it alive, and contract keeps it bound. Only the pearl tears it seems to cry ever change. The hell of the fairy's mind curses it, and only wishes never to have challenged death.