• I just noticed it was getting dark and began to head home.
    Some people are afraid to walk the streets alone when it gets dark. I wasn't one of those people. I actually liked it. It seemed like a totally different world compared to the one you saw in the day. During the day, shops were open and people were bustling to buy things and have lunch and do business. But at night, it was different. Flashy bars were overflowing with playboys, prostitutes, alcoholics, and ordinary people who had had a rough day. Drug dealers were showing their merchandise to people they believed weren't cops. The bright streetlights glowed like lanterns. Drunk guys out on the street yelled at women, asking if they'd sleep with them. Yes, it was a different world, the city at night.
    "Hey, Cutie! Why don't you come over here!" a drunk guy yelled at me. I rolled my eyes and continued on.
    The guy followed me and turned me around. He smiled one of those ridiculous goofy smiles that people have when they're completely drunk. He wore baggy jeans and sweatshirt. He had a baseball cap on backwards. And his face was red with alcohol.
    "Come on. You don't mean that." he said, not so steady on his feet. He grabbed my breasts as he did so.
    I clenched my teeth in anger and punched him right in the chest. A sickening crack was heard as he went flying. And when I say he went flying, I mean he went several yards away, farther than any human being could punch a guy. I stared at him as he just laid there, as if he were dead. He didn't make a single movement. His friends stared at me with wide eyes.
    I turned tail and ran home as fast as I could before any police could see me. I didn't want any trouble. Ares was the one who got into trouble, not me.

    I ran home, surprisingly without any trouble. I fumbled with my house keys and eventually unlocked the front door. I ran in and slammed the door shut. It made more noise than I would have liked it to.
    "Elliot, where have you been?" my father suddenly asked, walking into the room. He had McDonald's food with him. I turned around to look at him.
    "Just out. That's all." I said, deciding not to tell him about what had happened.
    He looked at me with a raised eyebrow, his expression concerned.
    "Really, that was all." I tried to reassure him. He didn't seem to believe me.
    I merely took the bag containing my food and went upstairs to eat my dinner. I closed my bedroom door behind me and sat down at my desk. The moment I opened the bag, it just ripped apart. My eyes widened.
    What the hell?! Since when had I been this strong?! I looked at my arms and my hands. Nothing seemed to have changed. But I knew something had.