• So, I live in a tiny, unrecognizable town in the middle of nowhere. My name is Indie and I am going to tell you of my great adventures, and, great loves.

    We had landed somewhere unfamiliar to me. He looked down at me, I looked up at him. I had a sudden impulse to do something I'd never even thought of doing. The women behind us whispered fluently in another tongue. I suddenly knew I wanted to kiss him, that he was the one. Why did I have the feeling he wanted the same?

    "Good morning, sleepy."


    Just then the flight attendant started walking down the aisle. He stiffened in his seat and then dissapeared. I looked around bizarrly, where the heck did-

    My thought was abruptly and rudely cut off. The flight attendant looked at me with her buggy eyes, pointed nose, and firm set lips.

    "Try not to take up more than your own seat, Miss."


    I hadn't realized how much I was leaned into his seat.

    She left, after I situated in my own seat, and he formed out of thin air.

    "What the-?"


    I shut up and listened to him speak.

    "They sense a male is present, they're calling in the sniffers. Which means they will track down where I sat and who practically laid on me last night" He looked at me and smiled and cocked an eyebrow.

    "I am so sorry, William!"

    I felt like I commited a crime, the way those eyes made me apologize. his eyes dug deep as if he could see everything that I have, or wish I did.

    "so...what now?"

    "We need to get the heck out of here because if they find me, or you, we both get killed."

    "How are we supposed to get off this plane without anyone hearing?" By this time, everyone was asleep accept the attendant.

    "I will show you"

    "Ok" I said, not knowing whether to be scared or relieved.

    He lifted his hands and a purple orb formed. He extended it to wrap us together.