• I followed her directions and got to her room. I peered through the window and quietly opened the door. I went to her side and grabbed a chair. I sat down and watched her.

    After a couple of minutes I heard a woman yelling historically. I caught tidbits of what she was yelling. I heard, “NO! GERDICE!” I figured it was Emma. I got up and walked to the front desk. I went to her and calmly said, “You’re making a seen. Follow me.” Emma head snapped towards me and breathed a sigh of relief. She started down the wrong hall. I turned towards the front desk lady and said, “I’m sorry, she is just upset.” The woman madly glared at me. I walked towards Emma and grabbed her arm, “Wrong way.”
    “Oh.” I lead her towards the room. Once I was outside the door I caustiosly walked back to my seat. I sat there and waited. Emma hiccupped her cries. She sat on the bed. Emma had told me that Jayne’s father and family had already left. We sat in her room without leaving for three days. Around lunch time on the fourth day Emma went to Taco Bell. I was laying my head on the bed when I felt something knock on my head. I looked up and saw Jayne smiling at me, “Well welcome to the land of the living.”
    She sighed and said, “I never left. Im sorry.”
    “You nearly took me down with you.”
    She tried to speak again but my mouth was on hers. I stopped and sat back down.
    She gave a smile, “Wow.”
    I laughed, “I’ve got to tell you something.”
    “I love you.”
    The monitor went off and she took a deep breathe, “Uh…um…I’m sorry! I cant say it.”
    I felt my face fall a little but I was to happy she was okay, “I know its fine.”
    Her face was concerned. I stood up and put my hand on her cheek, “Seriously, its okay. I just have had time to worry, and think. I can wait til you feel the same, or if you never do.”
    “I..I… I cant. Its to hard, I cant I have to wait”
    “Don’t worry.”
    Emma walked in and dropped the bags and squealed and ran to Jayne. They hugged each other. Emma let go and huffed, “Why would you scare me like that!”
    “Im sorry.” Jayne looked up at her with sadness in her eyes.
    “Its okay.” Emma laid on her bed and then got up and tossed us each a taco. Emma grabbed the bag, “I’ve got to go. If anybody needs me I’ll be in my new study.” She had a huge grin and her voice was excited, “Love love you.” She did some air kisses and gave a final note and left, “Toodles.” Then she was out the door. I sat and ate my taco. I looked out the window and stared into space. When I heard Jayne say, “When exactly can I leave?” I was back to down to Earth. I shrugged. I wanted to leave so badly but I knew I wouldn’t… couldn’t. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and looked directly at Jayne. I gave a smile. She opened her arms and I figured she felt unloved or something. I gave her a hug and when she sighed I didn’t let go. It felt comfortable. As if I can protect her in this embrace. She started to pull away but I held her and pulled her closer. She laughed and put her head on my shoulder. I let her go after a while. She went and grabbed her clothes off the windowsill that Emma had brought, “Hold on I need to change.” I nodded and turned around. I waited til I heard the door close, I turned around. She was in the bathroom so it gave me time to compose myself and figure out what I needed to do. I waited til she was out of the bathroom. When she was out she grabbed her purse and put all her things in it. She walked to the door and opened it, “Shall we?” I nodded and followed her. She signed out. Once we got outside I grabbed her, “Look I thought I could take that you didn’t say I love you back, but I don’t know if I can.” She looked at me and opened her mouth…