• Chapter 9
    The nurse said I would survive so you can go.I kept telling Dylan who was scared half to death.Dylan,why won't you leave and I won't the truth.Dylan's eyes met mine and I thought I would melt."I love you."He said.I stared at him."You love me."I said."I'm not even a vampire like you."I know that.I could tell from the moment I saw you.You have no red in your eyes.Your skin is not like mine and our strength and speed are totally different.I need to go.He said. He quickly left the room.Love?That word felt like fire in my chest.I hopped out of bed.My lips were rosey again,but my fever stayed.I could pass out at any moment so it was important I took the book back and got more quickly.I had to slip something on over this.I walked to my drawer and began diging for old jeans and a t-shirt.When I found some I slipped them on fast and grabbed my bag.I pulled it on my shoulder and made sure the book was in it.Then,my eyes went pale and my lips went white.No book.I sat on the gorund.I had to have that book or I would die.I was going to die.I heard footsteps and hopped in bed and pretended to read a book.When the door opened Dylan was in the door way.He had flowers and was blushing.I had too.When your sick you deserve flowers.I smiled.He walked over to me.
    Dylan came over and sat on the edge of the bed.Well,I am guessing I just made things really akward.It did not,and vampires must be pretty fast to get flowers and bring them back within ten minutes.He smiled.I knew what he would ask and I knew my answer."Sabrina."I could see a hint of excitement in his eyes when he said my name."Sabrina,will you be my girlfriend?"He asked.Yes.I will.I smiled a real glowing smile.He breathed a breath of relief.Then he leaned back on the bed and kissed me.By the time he let go I had almost forgotten my name.I gulped a breath and looked at him.Dylan was smiling."Did you like it?"He asked.Shock covered my face.Your a good kisser.Then I let out a fake yawn.Tired?He asked.Yea,I should sleep.Okay,my love.He laid the flowers next to me in a glass of water.Then disappeared out the door.
    I jumped out of bed and checked my bag one last time for my book.This time I found it.I took the bag and smiled.Good.I bretahed and tiptoed to my door.I opened it and sneeked outside.I didn't have much time so I had to hurry.
    The woods were harder to get through at night.I stumble some,but managed.When I got to the house I stopped and stared.A weird feeling overwhelmed me.I began walking towards the door.I squeaked the door open.I almost screamed.Many huge hideous women were in the room.Some playing games some watching tv and some were singing.They each had black gowns on and some a bit torn.I hit the floor and started crawling.I stayed as low as possible and I could hear the chorus to this is halloween.I was actually a bit scared.Then a little girl about eight saw her.She had blood red eyes and long fangs.Who are you? she asked.Her solid straight black hair almost touching the ground.Shhh.I am not here,okay?Fine,don't tell me your name.She touched my shoulder sending a zap through me."Sabrina."She said.You want a book from aunt Scarlet's libray.Follow me.She began walking out of the room.
    You can stand up,now.Then her height began to grow until she was a one foot taller than Sabrina.I am Kasey and this is my new home with my aunt.Your new home?Yes,I will be starting camp soon.I go to camp."and you are human"She finished.By a touch I know everything about you.You need a book on Dylan,Lizzy and the camp's history.I need to return this too.I know. I am sixteen I looked young in their because they don't know who I am they are family on Scarlet's side which is my mom's side and my dad's side is the sweet inoccent vampires.So if they know I am here they will want to kill me.She smiled.I am not afraid of death though.There you go.I will help you find Lizzy and the camp's history.With that she diappeared.