• (Prequel)Chapter 1-The burning village
    Date: October 18, of the third age.
    Fires burned throughout the leaf village that day. Screams of battle cries and the echo of metallic weapons could be heard throughout the village. Leaf ninja were shown battling countless sound Jounin, one by one ending in a blood scene. The leaf Jounin showed amazing skill and precision but, are no match too the cursed sound jounin. Konoha was falling.

    Most of the battle was being held in the center of the village where Tsunade was seen running. How could Orochimaru gather so many ninja to attack she thought as she dodged another explosion that rocketed from a nearby building. Tsunade wanted to avoid any unnecessary battles until she could get into position to aid as many of her allies as she could. Use of unnecessary chakra would be unwise.

    She then turned a corner only too come face too face with five sound Jounin with the second stage of their curse marks released. Each took the appearance of a disgusting creature. One tall jounin recognized her almost immediately as the fifth Hokage. He looked away for a second to tell the rest of his squad who were not as quick as him. That is when Tsunade took her chance. With a flash of cloth she threw off her robe revealing Shinobi battle armor. The enemy Jounin taken by surprise only got one glimpse of her beauty before Tsunade blink stepped for a second. She appeared behind them and clicked her Katana back into its sheath as blood exploded from wounds that suddenly appeared on her enemies bodies. Not wasting any more time after that she continued towards her destination.

    She reached the center of the village too see seven leaf ninjas holding off countless sound jounin among them were Inoichi Yamanako, and Kakashi Hatake Along with five anbu members. All of them where showing advanced signs of Chakra depletion and Exhaustion.

    Tsunade took action as she bit her finger and quickly summoned an army slugs that spit acid with deadly accuracy at the surrounding sound. Kakashi saw her and in a flash the squad was beside her. “Lady Tsunade I’ve dispatched clones throughout the village Asuma and Kureina have rounded ups some anbu squad and are doing fine but. Iruka and other jounin are taking a beating near the ninja academy. We’ve managed too get everyone too the safe houses and pulled back our forces but the sound jounin are too many.” The copy nin said reciting the report.

    If he didn’t hide his emotions so well it would seem the copy ninja showed a brief bit of emotion emerged “and Konoha is falling”.

    Before they could continue an explosion erupted before them and the 8 leaf ninjas were surrounded. The slugs quickly fired at the sound and the small moment of breath was taken away. Tsunade and her army of slugs were now thrown back into the fight.

    The first real attack was a purple haired Sound ninja that started by doing hand signs that ended with a jumped high in the air. He completed the necessary signs and held his hand out towards the battle field as his allies jumped behind him. Blue fire then erupted from his palm and moved to engulf the entire battlefield.

    Tsunade them moved front of her comrades and emitted a light green shield from the tip of her finger. The shield wavered a bit but the fire soon died out. Kakashi took his chance and blink stepped behind the jounin that had done the attack and punched him on the back of the neck. The jounin was sent down into the ground creating an 5 foot in diameter crater that increased by the second. The attack would have killed any normal man.

    Surprisingly the sound Nin stood up his curse mark activated and cracked his neck. “Is that all” was what he said with a smirked on his now deformed face. The curse mark changed him into a lizard like creature. Kakashi responded and threw a kunai at the cursed Jounin, who immediately deflected it. The sound Jounin chuckled and looked back only now realizing that Kakashi held up a ram sign and the explosive tag attached to the ninja’s neck exploded killing him as the curse mark receded.

    The rest of the leaf ninja were doing well themselves especially Tsunade. The fifth Hokage displayed skill only a Hokage could by doing a perfect 360 spin releasing sembon needles in an explosive arc, killing sound Jounin foolish enough to surround her. She then threw a kunai with an explosive tag attached at an incoming squad of sound. The jounin jumped out of the way quickly. Tsunade cleverly combined the Kunai shadow clone Jutsu with Wind manipulation technique. The kunai chased after the enemy as they ran for there lives helplessly one by one they were killed in the explosions.

    She was truly unbeatable. This example of heightened after a young chuunin sound Nin appeared in a flash before her and slashed at her. A slash that no one could possible dodge but she stopped it between her left thumb and index finger and with her right fist she delivered a killing downward punch that had earth shaking results.

    Although Tsunade and her team were doing well at the ninja academy Iruka and others were battling 5-1 odds as each had a squad too fight for themselves.

    Iruka jumped too avoid a swarm of kunai as two sound Nins rush at him. He quickly started his own, shouting his own attack “sembon whirlwind technique”. The attack was a whirlwind that rose up directly under the enemy shinobi’s feet stopping them in their tracks. In their confusion two strong vines appeared from the ground below them and grasped there heels. They try to free themselves but Iruka quickly threw a poisoned sembon needle at them he did a sign and the sembon needle soon was a swarm of needles. The needles were then absorbed into the whirlwind and slowly all of the needles passed threw the bodies of the enemy. The whirlwind very soon became a bloody tornado as the victims bodies were ripped apart.

    Iruka didn’t have time to rest as 3 more enemy shinobi attacked. Iruka match them in a taijutsu match and sent one down with a roundhouse kick. He did a few quick jabs and sent an uppercut to another. He then summoned two clones and both clones matched the remaining ninja. They had finally taken care of the higher level jounin all that was left was a few chuunin and genin.

    Iruka jumped behind another one and delivered a downward slash that cut the ninja from the shoulder down to her waist. Iruka then blocked a kunai and rushed towards his last opponent. With a feint to the left Iruka cut low at the shinobi’s leg. It was severed completely and Iruka spun the blade skillfully threw the air. The last motion was a downward stab that went threw the sound genin’s chest. It was over and the leaf shinobi let out a yell of victory finally taking care of their current enemy. Iruka panted out of breath as he leaned against a tree. Its been years since active duty and he was getting lazy. He looked around as medic nins took out their wounded to the outpost a few miles out of the village. He wanted to help them but the Anbu captain needed everyone that could fight to hold the strategic positions in Konoha. Iruka for once thought that he could relax until.

    “Look alive” one of the higher jounin shouted as the west gate fell and Lightning shinobi filled the streets of Konoha. Iruka stared on in fear “God Help Us”.

    Author’s notes: I liked the fight scene at the end it kind of improves it a little. This Chapter was actually rewritten 4 times before I liked it. I was 14 at the time I wrote this and I had never tried to create a Fan fiction until then, so I can say it is kind of amateur. Tell me what you think; your comments make me strive to be the best I can be.

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