• Where would I bring him, anyways?
    How dumb could I be to think escaping was this easy?
    No, of course the warden would have people watching me. I felt it in the air once I threw the bracelet.
    No, I couldn't be a pure hearted soul. I had to have the murder in my heart. I wasn't allowed to spare one. I wasn't allowed to be good!
    I was a demon, yes, but I wasn't evil. If I had not been captured in the first place, alot of people would still be alive today.
    But why did my perspective change as soon as I saw the boy? Who knows.
    As I turned for the exit of the alleyway, shadows blocked the exit. I prepared to jump on the roof, but they were there too. I didn't even have to turn around to know there was some there, too.
    "Get out of my way." I snarled. I put the guy I had saved down, and pushed him up against the wall. I stood protectively in front of him.
    "The warden is not pleased, Victoria." I snarled again when he said my name. "These gestures demand a harsh punishment."
    "I don't give a damn about that! I am no prizoner. Now ******** off!"
    I unsheathed my two blades on my back,exposing my fire blade, as well as my ice blade. I twirled them in my hands.
    "Just because I have nowhere to belong to doesn't mean I can't be free." I snarled. "Last chance. ********. Off."
    They came closer to us, and I thrusted my arms down, igniting the blades with their power.
    "You asked for it." I jumped in the air, did a flip and landed in front of who seemed to be the leader. I slashed him with my blades.
    He fell, dead. Some took out swords, and some took out something else. I slashed through five necks with one hand, and through five bodies with the other.
    I dodged the first aim at me, and they started to encircle me, forgeting about the boy a moment. Okay, he wasn't tecnically a boy, he looked about seventeen.
    They lashed out steel chains at me - the thick, durable kind - and trapped my arm in one. I dodged one aimed at my head, but got one stuck on my left foot as a result. I snarled.
    They got one on my other hand, and then my foot. They pulled me to the ground.
    "b*****d." I snarled again.
    "Take the boy. The warden might want to turn him." One muttered, and they put him in chains, like me.
    "No!" I screamed, thrashing against the chains that held me.
    "Shut up Victoria." I got hit on the head.
    My vision blurred, and then I collapsed.


    It was dark again. Cold. I felt some liquid on my side, and more on my face. I lifted my hand to my left cheek, and wiped it on the liquid. I sniffed it.
    Blood. Marked with magic.
    I groaned, and turned to lay on my back. My entire left side hurt all over, and I guess that was my punishment. There was more liquid on the floor, so I guessed my blood had pooled up a bit. I put my right hand on my forehead. It throbbed like a son of a b***h.
    Something was around my waist, and it was heavy. I tried to move it, and yet I was too weak from all the blood loss. I opened my eyes.
    A steel chain was around my waist, and I had more on my feet. I looked at the liquid on the floor.
    Yep, it was my blood alright. And a hell load of it too.
    I turned my head, pressing my right cheek on the cold stone ground. I sighed, wincing at the pain it brought from my left lung.
    I noticed for the first time now that someone was with me in my normally empty cell. I tried to identify the person.
    Then hissed.
    Did they like to remind me? Or did they just want me to kill him myself?!
    I sighed in frustration. He stirred, and rubbed his eyes.
    They didn't chage him into a demon.
    I guess they thought he had no potential to them.
    He opened his eyes, their green marvel staring at the ceiling. There was an emerald hint to them, shining despite it all. His face was paler, and I think I knew what they were keeping him here for.
    Some of the demons in here - like me - had to drink human blood to stay alive. they were probably using his blood for just that. He had multiple wounds on his left arm.
    His hair was all in his face, messy from the scene he was hopefully unconcious for. I knew the scene. I lived it.
    When I came here against my will after being captured, for the first week they used my high amount of blood to keep the demons sustained. After that the warden saw potential in me. So they changed me.
    But it hurt like a mother ******** hore when they drank from you. Especially when they turned you.
    I shook my head, trying to stop the memory from showing the vivid images. I sighed, wincing once more.
    He turned his head to look at me.
    "What do you want?" I asked harshly.
    He gulped, then sighed. His right cheek had a purple bruise on it.
    "Are you alright?" He whispered.
    I glared at him. "Do I look alright to you?! I get punished for trying to do something good for once, and get bled half to death for it!" I fumed, my voice seething.
    He got up to his knee's, and I could hear his idea.
    "Stay away from me." I hissed.
    "I'm not plaining to go close to the demon, you know." He told me in a harsher voice than the one I used. It sounded almost violent. "Maybe it was my fault, but don't need to make it sound so terrible! I don't think you're evil, no. An evil person would have killed every last one, including me!" He glared.
    I sighed, holding my hands up in defeat. "You're right, you're right. I'm pissed, that's all. For about ten years I've been a pawn, and I have every silhouette, every detail for those murders in my mind. I never like admiting it, but I'm always afraid." A tear rolled down my cheek, and I turned around to face the wall.
    I heard some chains, but I paid it no mind. Something tapped my shoulder.
    I turned around, and he had the nerve to come closer to me. He was about three feet from me now.
    "I said stay away from me." I hissed, the tears thretening my eyes visible in my voice. He shook his head.
    "I'm not trying to make you feel better. I just can barely hear you over there."
    "Don't need to come so close." I muttered. But I liked having someone not afraid to come near me.
    The warden and soldiers were not people to me. They were all soulless bastards.
    He patted my shoulder with his hand.
    "Victoria, don't worry. I promise as Jasper Night, that I will always be here for you." He whispered.