• “Kelsey, Kelsey” yelled my friend Marissa “Emo girl yes you right there in the white shirt with the black cami yes you”
    “What” I yell back.
    “Oh, what is all I get from a long summer away from you and Deanna and what is all I get” she said as she walked up to me. Marissa the best friend you can ask for. Her and Deanna both. She has short black and blonde hair, which she both straightens and leaves curly,(We both are mixed, but I’m Black, White and German),she is wearing the best in Emo fashion, a green and black shirt with her green skinny’s with her converse’s. Green on right black on left.
    “yes, yes it is for nonstop text messages I got from you and Deanna both”. she smiled and we hugged.
    “Kelsey, Marissa” yelled Deanna as she run up to us. She is also wearing the Emo fashion too, a black shirt with pink skulls and pink skinny’s and the same shoe way as Marissa but pink on right and of cores black on left. that’s what we do were always and forever wear black on left and any other color on the right.
    “Hey” me and Marissa say at the same time. The use of. We laugh.
    Me, oh how rude of me, I’m Kelsey. Yes the one’s name that has been call to many time already. But today is different because it is the first day of school and I’m caught in my white shirt with a black cami under it and mi white and black skinny’s with white and black shoes(white on right and black on, well you know)
    “hey guy’s what up” our friend Ben said hugging me and Deanna but only looked at Marissa.he was wearing a black shirt with light blue jeans and black converse. he smiled at me, askin with his eye 'did you tell them', but i shock my head
    “Bye guys” I say to D and M.
    “Bye girl see you in class” deanna said.
    “Ben, what was up with the look at Marissa?” I ask as we walk to the gym to wait for our teacher, we were in the same room.
    “Nothing” he said as he pulled me in to another hug but this one was tighter than the 1st one.
    “oh, ok, can we keep this relationship a secret for a week?” I ask
    “Sure but after a week I’m telling everyone, G.N.R”
    “ha ha ha funny” I say. We walk into the gym arms linked, I froze solid as I look straight at One love ,one of my old friends. He looked at me and smiled. Ben look at me and said” what’s wrong Kelsey”
    “nothing, lets just sit” I say.
    “sure but some thing is bugging you and I want to now”
    “ fine you see him” I pointed to One love “I now him”
    “ duh Kelsey he is the 7th grader from this morning who gave you $2 because you asked him for it”
    “No I’m for real I now him from when I was little and I know it”
    “oh ok, ILY, I see J.K, TJ and Shane ill see you in homeroom, k"
    "ok tell J.K and them i said 'Hey' "
    "k k" he said. i sit and watch him climb the stairs up to them and they look at me and wave. i wave back. then when i see Marissa and Deanna, One love came over.
    "hey kelsey what up liking the 8th grade ?"he asked. I look at him
    "sorry i dont talk to 7th grades that i dont now" i lie
    "but you do"
    "kels this 7th grader buggin you" said marquis
    "ya he clame to know me and i dont know him"
    "yo buz off little dude dont bugg us 8TH graders dont care if you or if you dont know us" he walked a way, MAD.
    "did she now who you are"said my cousin Isaiah.
    "no" said one love
    "oh well give it time im going to say hey" he walks over to me and smile and says" hey kelsey how is my favortive cousin.
    "oh that is not true lier you dont like me so i cant be you fav. cousin" i said
    "Mr. Hogue's homeroom please line up" yelled Mr.Hogue himself. Ben ran down the stairs to me.
    "may we go to Mr. Hogues room now" I giggle
    "we may" we locked arms again and walked to Mr.Hogues room as one love watched even madder

    "Mr.Hogue whats up" i say as me and ben sit in some chairs at the front of the room, the only 2 in the room besides Mr. Hogue.
    "nothing much kelsey.how was the trip to germany like? did you learn any german will yall were there?
    "very very fun and yes i did"
    "really, let me hear some then"
    "ok"i clear my thourt"sehen tell du ich wissen deutsch!!"
    "what did you say"
    "see= sehen, told=tell, you=du, i=ich, know=wissen, German=Deutsh!!"
    "oh intersting"
    "thank you" there are 5 more people here and 2 of the 5 are deanna and marissa.
    "hey Mr. Hogue" said Marissa" kelsey its nice how you left us"
    "hehe ya i now right hehe"
    "picture picture"said Deanna
    "ok" me and marissa said. me, ben, deanna marissa and mr. hogue piled into the picture shot. chelsa grabed the phone and took the picture for deanna. then grabed my phone and took the picture. then marissa's then ben's and even mr.hogue's. we all laugh she held my phone and was taking bunches of pictures of me and ben, marissa, and deanna.
    then i asked can i go to the library
    "yes you can take the pass" said mr hogue. then 5 mintues later ben asked to go to the bath room mr hogue let him not known what was goin on. we walked to the hall with no camare and kissed. we hugged and split going our on ways.
    "kelsey" i turn to see marissa walkin to me. "what was that"
    "what was what"i say
    "that kiss inbetween you and Ben" she said rasin her eyebrow
    "it was a kiss ok but keep it low for a week"
    "omg yall go out"she spit out
    "well..."i say "yes but shhh! no one can noe ok Queen G"
    "kkkkkkk"she said. i grab a book and walked out the library with marissa.we ran back to mr.houges room