• On a normal day, in a city called Shelburn, this girl named Cloy worked in a medical emergency hospital. She had a case where this guy at a local bar bit this guys left hand, so she had to find out if he had an infection on his hand. While she and a few doctors were operating on the hand, she noticed that the man named Leroy, who got bit, wasn't breathing.
    " Why isn't he breathing?"she said, in concern.
    " I don't know. Okay, stand back,"the male doctor said,"Clear!" Leroy got shocked multiple times and didn't responed to any of the shocks. He died.
    " I'm calling it. It's over, he's gone."the doctor said, "shouldn't you be leaving now, Cloy. It's kind of late." It was already 9:00 pm and she always headed out at 7:00.
    " Okay, I'm just going to grab a few things before I leave." she replied to
    Dr. Monash. As she grabbed a her things and headed out, she saw people in an ambulance laying down, motionless. " Are they dead?'' she said to herself, so she said, "Hey, hey.'Oh, thanks for waking us up doctor.' No problem." She went to her 2010 corvette and drove home.
    When she arrived home, her husband, Luis, was calling her from the bedroom.
    " Coming! Hold on babe, okay?''
    " Okay. Well hurry, your favorite show is on.'' She went up the stairs, down the hall,, into the bedroom and climbed onto the bed and laid on Luis's chest.
    " What episcode is it?" She ask.
    " A new one, you missed when your favorite guy getting banned from the island.'' he replied.
    " Which one? The chubby one?''
    " Yeah. You sad?''
    " Uh, yeah. He was my favorite.'' When the episcode was over, they both took a shower which caused them to miss a very important anoucement on the television. The next morning, someone was walking down their hallway. The person opened the door, very slowly. Luis woke form the door creeks. The person was the little girl who lived next door to them. Her name was Kelsey.
    " Kelsy, Kesley are you okay, sweetie?'' he asked. She didn't responed. When she walked closer into the room, her face was half bitten off.
    " Oh my god! What the hell happened?'' he grabbed her and put her on the bed next to him so that he could wake up Cloy.
    " Cloy, Cloy wake the hell up."
    " What... Huh?", She looked at Kelsey, "What the hell happened to her face?''
    " I don't know, hurry. Call for-" Kelsey interrupted by biting Luis on the neck.
    " AHHHH!''
    " Get off of him!'' Cloy screamed, while throwing Kelsey back into the hallway. Kelsey jumped to her feet and ran at her. Cloy quickly shutted the door and locked it before she could get in. Then she went over to Luis, he was bleeding everywhere.
    " Luis, breathe, I'm gonna call for help.'' she said, racing to the phone. But the phone was disconnected. Luis stopped breathing, while she was dailing the numbers 911. Luis raised from the bed and walk to the door. Cloy turned around and saw him walking around.

    Find out what happens in part 2! THIS IS REALISTIC FICTION!