• My name was Silaina, and ever since I was little people called me different. No one ever liked to be with me, even my mom had left me behind. One night I heard my mom and dad talking and my mom said she couldn’t handle it anymore. She said she couldn’t take care of me and she also said there was something wrong with me. At that time I had no idea what she could have meant, but she had also said I would never be loved by anyone. That I understood perfectly fine. Then Mom noticed me at the doorway and just left without saying anything to me. I never saw or spoke to her again after that. I lived with my dad but he was almost never at home, but I was never alone. My best friends Alice and her big sister Analice were always with me. Alice loved playing pranks on people but Analice would normally hide behind me. But Dad could never see them. Alice told me so.

    Alice and Analice taught me all kinds of things. Alice told me that the reason Dad couldn’t see them is because her and her sister died a long time ago, and that they are spirits. They also told me that there are lots of other kinds of spirits too. The one thing that actually scared me that they told me is that some of them were following me. Now because of the road I chose while still so young I’m where I am now. If only I had chosen something else, please never follow the same path as I did unless you want to end up trapped in this white abyss too.

    So you don’t make the same mistake as I have I shall tell you my story. It all began when I was about eight, before Mom left us. And before she hated me, or so I like to think.
    I had just laid down for bed when I heard the sound of someone walking inside my room. I know it couldn’t have been my mom, the door hadn’t opened. So I sat up and turned on my lamp beside my bed. Everything was how I had left it and no one was in my room that I could see so I turned off my lamp so I could go to sleep. The moment my light turned off though I heard a loud crash noise like something big had fallen over in my room. I turned on the light as quick as I could and looked around. My bookcase I had against my wall not far from my bed had bed pushed over. There was a girl there too. She looked younger than I was and she was crying.

    Shortly after my dad came rushing into my room, “Silaina! What happened?! Are you okay? How did your bookcase fall?”

    The girl was still standing there but my dad didn’t notice her.

    I told him, “She pushed it down Daddy,” I pointed at where the girl was at, “I didn’t do it.”

    “Silaina, who are you talking about? There’s no one there. Are you feeling alright?”

    “Daddy can’t you see her? She’s standing right there! She’s wearing a white dress. Daddy, can’t you see her?”