• Once upon a time... before the Naruto Period in the Hidden Leaf Village there were
    two rival clans with Dojutsu abilities the uchiha (left) and the Hyuuga (right)
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. The Hyuuga have shunned out the Uchiha clan and the Uchiha
    clan have shunned out the Hyuuga clan until... When Itachi was only 3 years old his mother
    had an affair with (soon to be born later) the father of Neji Hyuuga. Itachis mother was carrying
    Kenshin Uchiha who looked like an Uchiha but had the hybrid abilities of both clans. Kenshin
    was hidden in itachis room in his closet. kenshin lay in a small basket with blankets bearing
    the Uchiha clan symbol on them.The 4th Hokage Yondaime came to see the hybrid boy who
    never went outside.These are the words of the 4th Hokage when he saw this young ninja
    sitting in the basket ready to be trained...

    How are you going to hide this young boy... I mean surely I will take him in for awhile until he

    grows up to be 10 years old then you can take him back for his ahem.."Hyuuga and Uchiha"

    traditions. you do know hes part of the lesser branch on the Hyuuga side too dont you?

    Kenshin: That day I left my family's home to become a ninja

    As the years went by kenshin was training at only ages 3-4 years old under the supervision

    of the Fourth Hokage. In the next chapter Kenshin trains to become stronger in chapter2