• "...I shall kill you."

    Those were the last few words of her sentence. Pretty deathening here, yes? The rain outside seemed to fit the moment at ease. I choked on my spit as she looked towards me and said:

    "I shall kill you slowly, but very painfully... Lauren. You look like my sister that I killed."

    I backed up slowly and picked up the gun I hid behind my pillow as I jumped out of the window, running towards Father and his pick-up truck. I almost slipped on the wet ground. Father was heading out for a bit since Mother was out of town for a week or so. I heard rustling through the bushes, so I jumped into the truck quickly and told Father:

    "Please, start the truck and go! There is something unholy in that house!" I cried, tears streaming down my face.

    This made me look like a suck-up to anyone who can see that face I pulled. I looked like I crazed maniac with my messed up hair and talking about 'something unholy' or something like that. I looked out the window, towards the house. I saw the Father looked like I was crazy and said:

    "Look. There is nothing unholy about that house."

    "Dad, there is a crazed pyschopathic spirit in there named Lauri, who gave me a locket and she wants to kill me because she thinks I look like her dead sister that she killed!" I cried.

    "There is no spirits in that house." Father argued.

    Why must men always be go stubborn when it comes to this kind of stuff. They always think that the women is crazy... Then when the spirits come too get them, they believe.

    "You're being an idiot. Nothing is going to harm you, kill you or anything." Father paused. "Now, you stay here. I will be back by noon."

    I got out of the car, swearing under my breath. I saw the girl, smiling in the window as my father left. I was paralyzed with fear. I couldn't breathe, move, or stand. I collasped onto the ground. Tears fell from my eyes.

    The next second I heard a motorcycle running down the dirt road. It was my friends, Clora, and her older brother, Darkmoon. Clora was psychic and Darkmoon was a fully-trained doctor at the hospital downtown. Darkmoon and Clora stopped the motorcycle and ran towards me. I finally got out of shock and backed up from the house. Darkmoon knelt down next to me. I hugged him tightly as I cried:

    "Please, help me! There is something in that house! She only said her name was Lauri for the first past months, she gave me a weird locket, and now she wants to kill me because I look like her sister that she killed!"

    Clora got her bag off the motorcycle and walked towards the house.

    "I'm going in." Clora said.

    "Clora, she'll kill you, too! She's not the kind you can kill off easily!" I cried.

    "Darkmoon, get her to the hospital. I'll meet up in a few." Clora called out, as she continued to walk towards the house, unafraid.

    All I remember is darkness taking over my body as the shock of reality took over me.