• The wind blew gracefully across the deck of the cruise ship. Each lifting breeze was filled with salt being carried off the sea and into the noses of those seated. Ian took a large whiff of it as he tried to steady himself. His heart raced and legs were limp with anxiety. As he watched his approaching bride he could feel cold beads of sweat on the back of his neck. The cool air nor salty breeze helped. He looked at his best men and felt even worse as one was missing. He was suppose to be here, but had missed the boarding time. This was a redflag of if there was any. But he worried not of his friend as today was the day he took his life in a new direction with his loving bride, sharon. She was not one to let down either. thus, ian put concern for his friend to the side and the ceramony first.
    Taking note, his first best man took hold of his shoulder and bent him back. Whispering, he said "Calm down. If she sees you like this she'll think you're gonna run out on her". Ian nodded realizing he was right. He was already here and it was too late to want to stop for a pause. As she reached the steps his heart fell into rhythm as he saw her face under the veil. Suddenly he was reminded of why he was doing this and his heart raced not out of panic, but joy. As she reached the final step he took her hand and felt her energy flow. Together they faced the high priest and prepared for their final moments separate. I could feel your energy whacking out as I was walking down the isle" she snickered at him. He squeezed on her hand and looked at her smiling. The high priest looked at them and began to speak. "Dearly Beloved we are gathered here to Unite these two souls in eternal unison. So that even in death they may be together and...."

    "HOLD EVERYTHING!" interrupted a voice at the end of the isle. Everyone looked back to see the missing best man, Mikaru. He stood hunched over and out of breath. His suit tattered and bent out of shape. the bow tie loosely tied and one end of his shirt tucked in while the other out. He walked his way to the front of the isle and took Ian by the hand. "we need to talk, now" he said demandingly. Ian pulled back shaking him off. "you can't just show up late and then pull me away from my wedding" he said stepping back up. "Mikaru" sharon started " where have you been? and why is this so important". Mikaru Looked at both of them and they saw it on his face. Bags under the eyes and his teeth so yellow it looked as though he hadn't brushed in days. Sharon stepped down and placed a hand on his shoulder. Ian stepped down and did the same. "Please can you come with me right now?" he asked them. They looked at him and sighed. "Ok," he said. He nodded and stepped back shaking his head. "sorry" he said.
    Both Looked at him quickly, but it was too late. a Blinding flash of blue light engulfed them. A screeching sound broke the silence and brought them to their knees. A circle of energy surrounded them and blocked off the outside. Sharon painfully looked forward to see mikaru's pants pocket glowing. As the sound faded and the light did swell they found themselves on the wooden floor of the ship. Sharon stood quickly and grabbed Mikaru by the collar. "What the hell is your problem!" she screamed at him. Ian quickly followed raising a fist to his face. He looked at Ian and took a deep breath. "Hovac, please" he said and looked at him, eyes swelling. Ian knew what it meant now. He was only called by this under serious cases. He pulled away and took off his coat, undoing is tie. Sharon looked at him in shock. He looked at her apologetically. slowly, she let go of Mikaru and walked to the side, leaning over the rail.
    Mikaru cleared his throat and sighed. "As you know I've been working on something for you two. Something to ensure that our city would remain safe from beasts. But something has gone wrong." He took a small green pouch from is pocket and reached inside bringing out a large book. The spine and cover were symboled with fay writing. Ian took hold of it and opened to the first page. Suddenly black ink started to flow around the page forming a picture. It was of a sword. The handle thin and small. but the blade long and thick. "this is what you made I presume?" he asked. Mikaru nodded shamefully. "It is so much more then I thought it would be. Power matched by none so far and It never dulls. It posses the strength to drive away beasts just by raising it high. I have truly made a weapon." His voice was energetic as he spoke of it. each sentence more emotional. The shame was gone when he spoke of it. He looked at sharon and waved for her to come over. she narrowed her eyes at him and flipped him off. He sighed and looked back at the book,
    "whats the problem with it then?" Ian asked. Mikaru flipped through the next couple of pages and there he saw it. a figure of great power holding the sword. His body was slender, yet firm. Hair short and matted to his head. He wore cloths of silk in robed style. Finally, an aura of something beyond black surrounded him. It wasn't black, but something else. a new kind. "this is why I need your help" he said to ian. "that is my sword". Eyes wide ian looked at him and back at the picture. the face of the figure began to make more and more sense as he looked at his friend. It was Mikaru. he recognized the cheek bones and sharp cut eyebrows. "Sharon, we have to hold the wedding", he closed the booka nd handed it back to mikaru; whose face was low and sulking in shame once again. He knew sharon would hate him, but he had to do something.