• I smiled to myself as I looked around at my surroundings. There was a lot more to this forest, so I stood slowly from the ground next to the stream, and walked into the deeper workings of the forest before me. This was natural for me, since I had lived in the forest for most of my life. Looking up into one of the near by old oak trees, this tree was at least 80 feet or so tall, I smiled to myself and jumped up to one of the branches about ten feet above the ground. I grabbed the branch with my hands and flung myself onto one of the higher branches. Landing on the balls of my feet, I stood and looked out over the treetops. Not to far in the distance there was a break in the treetops that led to the forest floor.

    I took in a deep cleansing breath as I closed my eyes, dove off the branch into thin air. As I flew through the air I went into the opening in the leaves. I slowly opened my eyes only to have my eyes now changed for their normal bright blue into a deep golden yellow. A smile spread across my face as the surrounding air shimmered and shook around me. I could feel my arms lengthen and watched as my skin darkened and grew black hair right before my eyes. My body started to shift and change into the form of a black wolf.

    The ground was coming closer now so I moved my hands out in front of me to catch the impact of the ground. My hands changed into two paws just as they touched the ground. In that same second the air around me stopped and became still, making it known that the transformation was complete. The momentum of the jump, made it so that I had to take a few steps to steady my new body.

    I came to a stop and taking in a deep breath I arched my back and flung back my head letting out a high pitched piercing howl into the sky. The howl was carried out for miles around. I cut off the howling and looked forward into the darkened forest. My new wolven eyes caught every movement of the living forest, the whisper of the wind in the leaves of the trees, and the many little creatures within them. I peered over my right shoulder back at the stream I had been at.

    I trotted over to the small stream, and stopped at the edge sitting back on my hunches. Kneeling down on my front paws; I lowered my muzzle to the water’s surface and lapped some of it up for a quick refreshing drink. Raising my head from the water and licking my lips I let out a small whine, for now was when I had just realized that I was hungry.

    I stayed put, waiting for the next breeze to cross my path. When I felt my fur start to move around I stuck my muzzle into the air and closing my eyes to concentrating hard to find the scent. Not long after that, my eyes shot open and fixated straight ahead in the distance. ‘That’s it!’ I thought to myself and I stood up and shot off into the distance.

    I soon came upon the sound of running water, a river perhaps. There were some bushes in my line of sight so ever so slowly and quietly, I slinked up to the bushes and pushed my wolven face through them to peer across the river. There was what I had been looking for. Across the river there was a group of deer made up of three doe and two stag. The victim I had chosen out of the group would be the smaller of the two stag, for the larger one seemed to be the leader and I wasn’t that mean, I wouldn’t kill the one who helped the other ones. ‘Now how will I get to them’ I thought looking down river to the right. I was in luck, not far to the right there was a crossing point that was covered my large bushes, perfect for someone like me who was trying to stay hidden.

    I pulled my head back and away from the bushes and turned to go to the crossing point. I crossed the land bridge and made it to the other side which the deer were at. Slowly, and quietly, I stalked my target, getting about six or seven feet away from the younger stag. There were plenty of bushes to keep me hidden so I crouched to the ground so I was all but crawling on the forest floor. My unsuspecting victim had no idea of the pending danger about to strike. It walked a few steps to the left trying to get a better grazing spot. ‘Perfect.’ I thought to myself as I moved my right front leg up ahead of me to get a better jump.

    I jumped out from behind the bushes at the unsuspecting stag, as a fierce growl ripped its way up and out of my throat. The stag didn’t have barely enough time to look up to see a black wolf flying through the air at it, before I slammed into it knocking it to the ground. The terrified animal let out a screech as it was surprised and hurt. I rolled back to my feet and got up clamping my teeth around its throat with enough force to crush bone. The stag didn’t feel any pain, other than that of being thrown to the ground. The bite broke its neck quickly. I dropped the lifeless body of the stag to the ground and looked at the others with a blood stained muzzle. I bared my teeth and snarled at the other deer.

    The other deer in the group jumped and ran off leaving me and my kill in peace. I snorted at the retreating deer and returned my attention back to my kill. I walked up to it and sniffed it’s lifeless body. I had never really liked eating like this but it was sometimes way easier than having to get money to buy food from humans. That is a concept that I would never understand. Humans make food for other humans but just to eat, you have to buy it. ‘Food if for all some can’t even afford it and what happens to them!?’ was what I always thought about when I ended up having to buy food. So I usually ended up hunting in my wolf form.

    I ate my fill of the stag and trotted down to the rivers edge where I waded into the water till it reached up to my underbelly. I lowered my blood stained muzzle into the running water so that it would be cleaned off. I watched as the blood that had been washed from my fur and continued with the waters down river.

    Still dripping wet I walked out from the water and began a search for a cave to nap in after that filling meal. Luckily there was one not too far away. I ran over to it and sniffed the surrounding area for any signs of something living in the cave. There was no trace of any other animal so I helped myself and walked into the mouth of the cave. I found a comfy spot and spun around in a tight little circle three times before lying down with my front legs crossed out in front of me. I laid my head down on my crossed legs and looked out the mouth of the cave until I fell fast asleep.