• Experimental human test subjects. Humans are such curious creatures.
    Years upon years B.M.S industries has been partaking in the experimentation of human beings.
    Trail and error began to get the best of them, as no subject would ever come out alive.
    Bodies piled up behind the building, thousands of bodies buried only oh so far below them.
    The stench of death still reeked in the air. Such an awful place.
    The surrounding town could say nothing about them. The new something was going on, but would they tell?
    There were no higher authorities, they WERE the higher authorities.
    No one they could turn to. The older generation had all been silenced for knowing too much.
    There was no fleeing the scene here. They had to bring more and more children into the world.
    They were forced to reproduce to ensure that they always had another test subject.
    It started with only one person every so often. As the factory grew, so did the number of people they would take.
    Grocery marts and general stores kept the populace in the town.
    It seemed as if all they could ever ask for was there with them. No one ever spoke of what went on there behind the scenes. Not one ever told a story pertaining to B.M.S industries.

    Bio Mutatio of Sapiens Industries.

    Date of creation: Unknown
    Reason for creation: The study and transmutation of the human species.
    Date of latest experiment: January 16, 1937 10:29:05
    Destruction of B.M.S. Industries: January 16, 1937

    "Get me some damn restraints!"
    "Yes, Sir!" The rushing and scuffling of feet and bodies sounded through the building.
    Men came rushing with ropes, metal, chains, anything that could be used to restrain the test subject.
    "Get in there and make sure that you sustain his being on that stretcher as long as possible!"
    The captain barked orders at his crew to hurry things along. Crew were piling on top of other crew all trying to make sure that their harnesses were to hold.
    "Captain Nikitiv I think we have secured the experiment. Statistics are showing things are running smoothly this operation might be a success." The bio tech rummaged through his papers clumsily.
    "Great work Aleekseev, A success finally comes in our direction."
    The captain peered into the monitors to see the action within the room.
    Men were roping the subjects arms, welding metal bars over his forearms and legs.
    "AHHhh FUUCK! Get it off! Please, get it the ******** off!" A lab tech fell to the floor, clenching his hand screaming for dear life. "Whats going on in there?!" Captain Nikitiv looked on as he watched the mans hand deteriorate to the floor.
    An acidic liquid oozed from the experiments body and began to seep into the stretcher and the mans hand.
    "Whats this? Get him out of there! Can't you drones do anything without me??"
    The man rushed out of the room and into intensive care.

    Everyone got back to the matter at hand. The matter was, the subject was becoming violent.
    The man on the stretcher began to twist and turn as the acid eroded away the ropes and chains.
    "Sir," Aleekseev came bustling about looking slightly panicked and white in the face.
    "We have to get out of here, we don't have anything that can withstand the acidic liquid."
    "I will not tolerate another failure Aleekseev!!, You will stay here until that subject is under control, or underground! Do you hear me?!" "Yes, Sir." As soon as the words were spoken panic broke out inside the lab. Bio techs were running amongst the hallways trying to escape, pushing others out of the way to save their own skin.
    They quickly halted as the captain reached around his back and pulled out a model II Vintovka rifle and pointed it around the hallways so everyone could see.
    He knew he only had 5 rounds, but the lab techs knew nothing of guns.
    They just knew that it could end their life, but what was stirring in the testing room had power to end it just as quickly.
    "No one leaves this hallway until that door is secure. This does not escape B.M.S! We can not afford mistakes!" Nikitiv knew that they had to get out, but he wasn't about to let his men leave before him. Honor had nothing to do with this situation in his eyes. It's alarming what men will do when put in a situation where they face their own life.

    The welders came sealing the exit to the room. The harnesses on the subject were failing rapidly, They needed to hurry. "Aleekseev, Make sure no one, and I mean no one leaves this building." Nikitov had a plan to make sure he was the only one to escape. He would be miles away while havoc took hold over B.M.S Industries fell to the ground.
    Laughter trailed on through everyone's ears as the lab fell quiet.
    The man, he was awake. Acid still oozing from his flesh.
    Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked into space as to save themselves from what was going on.
    You could almost hear the hairs standing up on the back of their necks.
    They could hear the rustling of the man getting from the stretcher.
    Moving about the room in a panicked manner.
    The men still sat there, just sat there and listened. Too afraid to move.
    Nikitiv stared off into the monitor, as he watched the man run his hands along the walls searching for an exit.
    The men continued to sit there, welding equipment in hand. the metal was still hot to the touch.
    They could hear him breathing right next to the door. What was going to happen?

    One of the men suddenly began to cry, but at the same time as Nikitiv looked on toward the monitor the patient fell to the floor.
    "HAHA! We got a God damn sleeper on our hands!" Nikitiv smacked Aleekseev's arm a few times in a congratulatory manner, as everyone made a sigh of relief.
    The party was short lived.
    No one was laughing anymore as the man had stood back up. his head tilted down as if he was still asleep.
    His body began to bleed and soon the blood began to harden, but it wasn't normal.
    It started to take shape, the blood on his arms resembled armored pads.
    The blood on his legs, same story.
    He was making armor and clothes from blood.
    Veins started to flourish from his back, tangling around themselves, twisting in to a long object.
    His hair grew long, cuts materialized on his body, veins had hardened to make what looked like a sword.
    "The miracle of science. unfolding before my own eyes." Nikitov whispered to himself
    the last words he would ever say.

    A completely different person stood in the room now. No longer looking the same as he did once before. He yelled at the top of his lungs as he slammed into the wall with supernatural strength. Now brandishing a sword that he pulled from his back, he pointed it directly at Nikitiv.
    His objective. He walked closer. Slicing tech after tech. Pushing some aside and slamming their heads into the walls. Sprinting now, slicing through more and more, each drop of blood only lubing up his sword for the final kill. Punching, bones breaking, biting, he was almost there. He could smell his fear. As fast as he could go now. Blistering down the hallway, one more.
    Nikitiv fell to his knees, knowing what was to come of him. He took one shot of his rifle, but the Warlord was serpentining far too fast for him to get a clear shot. He fired anyways, a miss.
    The Warlord drew the sword back as he ran, sliding on his knees across the blood that was slung on the ground by his merciless blade. One cut.
    The Warlord brought himself to his feet, then hit the floor.
    Nikitiv's head rolled off his shoulders and to the floor. Such a clean cut.
    The armor fell the to floor as well, then vaporized into the air, his sword fell from his hands, following the same procedure.
    The man awoke to turn and see the bodies of the slain laying about the hallway.
    "What.." He closed his eyes to escape it all. "What am I?"