• I bent down. I was next to a good-looking red car. I didn't know what kind it was, nor did I care. All I wanted to do was remove the wheels and get it over with. I also had to do it all before Apollo came back. No one could notice either.
    I placed my hands on the tire. Wonderful, just barely into this errand and I had reached my first problem. How was I supposed to removed the wheel? Was I supposed to turn it a certain way or something? My brow furrowed as I thought of how I was supposed to do this.
    Then I suddenly heard something like...AIR ESCAPING TIRES?! I looked at the wheel. My fingernails had dug into the tires and poked a hole. Correction, several holes, one for each fingernail. My eyes widened. I was only supposed to remove the wheels! Not destroy the tires!
    I quickly made to pull my nails out. This is where I reached my second problem. My nails were stuck in the tire. Therefore, when I tried to remove my nails, the tire and, take a guess here, the wheel itself came off with it. There was the screeching noise of metal as I fell onto my butt, still holding the wheel. I looked at it with wide eyes.
    "Looks like my curse of super strength does sometimes come in handy. It certainly makes this job a whole lot easier." I mumbled to myself.
    I stood up and proceeded to remove the other three wheels by merely pulling them off.
    "Not much of a chariot is it?" I muttered.
    Well, I guess the gods had decided to get a little modern as the centuries had gone by.
    Soon, all the wheels were just lying out around the car. I cocked my head a bit to the side. Maybe I could make this a little better by hiding them all around the parking lot, just to make it a little more complicated.
    Is it just me, or am I starting to think evilly? I thought to myself with a raised eyebrow as I picked up one of the wheels. It didn't feelt he least bit heavy. It felt very light.
    What I basically did was just threw them all in different directions. Where they landed, I wasn't really sure. Though I didn't hear any screams or those cat noises that you always here in cartoons, so no one must have gotten hurt. That was something good for me.
    I heard footsteps and I paniced. I grabbed the shining peace of paper that had led me here and ran off, probably running faster than I ever had before out of desperation. The light immediately began to fade. Thank God!!
    Faintly, I heard cursing. But luckily, no one saw me. The paper unfolded itself and began to speed ahead of me, undeniably leading me to the second task.

    Snatch the silver arrows of Artemis

    The second line, the second task. That was what I had to do next. But how could you just go walking around carrying a bunch of arrows? How was that possible?
    Nevertheless, I still followed the piece of acid green paper. It never stopped. I was tired. I was starving. And I wanted to rest. I was also thirsty and wanted to rest. This piece of paper obviously didn't know the needs of a human.

    Eventually I just plain fell down, too tired to even move. My muscles were sore as hell and I couldn't even move. I was starving, my stomach feeling the pangs of hunger. My throat was as dry as sand and I was breathing heavily. The note suddenly stopped and floated down into my hand.
    I was too exhausted to look around. All I knew was that I was lying on some grass. It felt soft and cool. I closed my eyes, falling asleep.