• Isis huddled in her torn dress behind the couch, hiding from her doped up mothers latest drunk boyfriend whose soul obsession right now was to defile the innocence of a little 12 year old. Too bad she was already tarnished, first raped at the age of 7 by her very OWN father. Of course her mother never believed her, not that she was ever really sober enough to listen to Isis anyway. Fed up Isis knew what she would do, no longer will she stay in this evil place, it was never her home anyway, just her hell.

    After her mother and her mothers newest bofriend had passed out Isis grabbed her one possession she cherished, a stuffed teddy bear given to her from a kind stranger on christmas eve, a stranger who had found her crying and took pity on her. Wiping away tears from the regrets of her fate of birth Isis jumped out her bedroom window onto the sidewalk below in one of the worst neighborehoods in her area and walked on to what would hopefully be a better life.
    Isis was now 17 and working at a strip bar, she used to be a baby prostitute being pimped out against her will, at least she was allowed to keep her teddy bear, the same one she still had. Recently her jailer was arrested and she was free, unfortunatly the only job she could get was as a stripper. Her nickname was Teddy because that now ratty bear was always seen with her. Nobody knew about her past or that her bear was the only thing keeping her sane, just that she rarely talked and did her job to the best of her ability.

    One day though after isis had been working the strip joint for 2 years and she was at the age of 19 she fell in love with a guy she bumped into at the local grocery store, his name was Jorge and his smile alone set her heart pounding a million miles an hour. Jorge and isis began to date and slowly, reluctantly she told him of her past. The rape, the prostitution, the strip job she worked. Jorge didn't seem to care, he brought her gifts and told her he loved her. And this is where our story begins in ernest.

    Isis smiled shyly and hugged Jorge close, she had years of experiance with men but nothing came close to her relationship with Jorge, she was in love with him deeply even though they knew eachother only for a month.

    "Jorge, I want to get a decent job and turn my life around.." Isis gently held his hand and traced his palm with her finger.

    "Isis that sounds great.. I love you and want to be with you forever. Will you join me at my house tonight for a small get together?" Jorge stared at her intently, awaiting her answer.

    "Of course.. Anything for you." Isis smiled, not noticing the swift expression of victory that crossed Jorge's face.

    Jorge accompanied Isis to his apartment and bolted the door behind them, Isis was holding her Teddy bear to her chest and studying his apartment for the first time.

    "Its lovely"

    "I'm glad you think so. Now listen up whore, I invited some friends over and if you do everything we ask of you, you live." Jorge reeked of malice and contempt, his friends came out of a different room, Jorge's bedroom, and leered at the desolate Isis.

    "What... Jorge what is going on!" Isis cried as they ripped at her clothes and blacked out her thoughts and drifted away, like she used to in the old days. She still clutched her teddy bear in one hand.

    "You wont be needing this stupid thing anymore.." Jorge sneered and ripped the teddy bear from Isis' grasp and put it in the blender and turned it on, destroying her bear. The one thing in her life that had ever been truly done in kindness was gone, Isis finally snapped. Of all she had been through this was what finally tore away her sanity. Quick as lightning isis grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Jorge in the neck, blood smeared all over her face and body. Next she took a fire poker and impaled one of Jorge's friends in the eye socket and through the head. The second and last friend tried to tackle Isis to the ground so she plucked out his eyes and ripped his throat out with her own teeth laughing as he bled to death.

    Isis felt more free than ever, she felt as if chains released from her heart, she was light enough to fly, running she jumped out the 7th story window and spread her arms. As her body fell to earth and crashed with a sickening crunch her soul went up.