• Chapter 1, Part One:

    Stacey's parents in the front, her in the back with her two noisy, fighting twin brothers. She looks out the back window seeing her old friends wave goodbye to her. She waves back, not wanting to leave at all. With a sigh she turned back around. Stacey didn't want to be even more home sick when they got to Florida.
    Stacey was just a young girl of 15 living in Tennessee her whole life. Her dad just got a huge job of in Los Angeles. Now she has to pack up, leave all her friends behind and move. She doesn't know a thing on "how to act in the big town" as she puts it.
    In the car, Stacey spotted a young little rabbit scurry across the road. Her dad was about to hit it. "Dad! Stop!" she yelled. He didn't listen. He squished the poor bunny into the dirt. She started to cry. "If i see a rabbit, i speed up and hit it. If I see a deer, i speed up and hit it. If i see a squirrel, I speed up and hit it. If i see a cat, I'll speed up and hit it. If i see a dog, I'll stop, then speed up and hit it." her dad said. He always said that when he ran over a poor defenseless animal.
    'Life can't get much more terrible than this.' thought Stacey. She was wrong. She was very wrong.

    **End Part One**