• The still air stung my body as I ran through the building. Was he far behind me? Should I look back? s**t, s**t! Just run, don't look! I pushed my body to its limits as I sprinted down the hallway. I could see his face in my mind's eye. His worried, scared expression felt mocking. It was all just a sick game to him. The thought made my body convulse and I tripped myself. My eyes dared to look backwards. He stood at the end of the hall. 'Get up!' I screamed in my head, scratching and clawing at the perfect, white linoleum. 'Why me, WHY?!' I bolted around the corner and saw an elevator. I ran to it and smashed the buttons, bouncing in anticipation, "GO FASTER!" I bellowed, watching the corner with blood shot eyes, "For ******** sake, GO!"

    He slithered inkily into my view. I panicked, and could not scream. He moved so carefully, his syringe glittering in the moonlight. I heard the elevator beep and I squeezed inside, gasping for breath as he started to run to catch up to me. I finally pierced the silence with my screams as the door shut tightly between us. I slid down to the floor, choking on my cries. My body ached, my throat was dry and my breath hitched. I needed to get help! All of a sudden, the elevator stopped. I looked around, scared, and got up to press the buttons and figure out what was going on. I screamed, furious at the failings of technology as I beat my fists against the wall. I quickly looked up, and saw the emergency hatch. I could barely reach it on tip toes, so I jumped and tried to hit it unlocked with my fingers. When I finally unlocked it, my fingers were bleeding and one of them was fractured. I cried as I grasped the edge and pulled myself up out of the elevator shaft. Everything burned. I got myself up onto the top of the shaft, and looked around. There was a ladder going upwards, that led to an elevator door that was miraculously open. I climbed as fast as I could, ignoring the searing ache in my bones as I rushed upwards. I looked around the hallway; There was nothing but pictures and windows along the walls. I took off my shoes and ran, trying to be a silent as I could.

    I ran around crazed. I banged on doors and ripped them open to find nothing but tools. I ran into one and found a large saw. I stole it from the room for protection. I hurried down the way, and I looked out at the windows. On the other side of the building, there were lights! Someone must be there. I sighed heavily and at the end of my breath, I heard the haunting sound of rubber on linoleum. My body whipped around instinctively like a feral cat and growled, but my assailant ran towards me again, his shouts indiscernible. I ran again through the hallways, my bare feet gripping the floor and propelling myself faster forward with each step. I found the front door and tried to open it but it was locked. I hacked at the padlock with my saw, and it clanked off onto the floor. I wasted no time running through the cold night air. My feet became numb on the frosted grass field, but I kept running. I looked back, he wasn't chasing me anymore. In my distraction, I tripped on a tree root by the side walk, and I cracked my head on the concrete. I began to cry like a child as I slowly stood back up. My hands were scrapped and my head was pounding. I felt the warm blood slide down my face. My foot throbbed in pain.

    I slowly made my way to the open door, and to my luck it was still open. I hobbled into the hallway and saw a lit room. I struggled to get to the door, and I banged against it with my hands, "Please! Please someone come help me!"The door was quickly opened and I collapsed to the ground where I had been leaning. People rushed over to my body as I cried loudly. I sputtered in relief as they came over and picked me up, setting me in a chair. Someone got on the phone and was speaking, but I couldn't hear what they were saying. Someone examined my wounds and helped bandage my body. A woman gave me a drink to have, to help me relax. A few minutes later, I saw him come into the room. I screamed and tried to get up and run, but my body wouldn't move. I darted my eyes and looked at the woman who gave me the paralyzer. "LYING b***h!" I screamed at her, glaring heatedly. I choked and screamed as the man came towards me, syringe in hand. I used every last bit of strength to try to move, but to no avail. He lifted up my shirt and I began to sob again as he pierced my stomach with the needle. Hands reached out towards me as I gave up and welcomed sleep, exhausted from the chase.

    The doctor finished injecting the medicine and let the staff move the girl to a gurney. "She had another episode, but the sedative should keep her knocked out for a while." He disposed of the syringe in a waste bin and took off his gloves, "first get her cleaned up, and properly treat her injuries. Place her in solitary confinement, she's too unstable at the moment."

    The staff carried her out of the room. The others followed, and they resumed their duties from before.