• You are late to get home. You are
    going to get in trouble. The scolding
    already in your head
    you take a shortcut through a dark alley. They
    say the alley is haunted,but you
    don't care.

    You freeze. The black shadows flicker as
    the evil black clouds rip a tear,
    latching their ravenous jaws on the bright
    full moon. Finally the fight is over. The moon

    Fear rises in you. You hear a painful scream.
    You are running. The enemy is closing up on you.
    The cold,silent wind flies against you.
    Evil grabs your ankle. You trip. You see and hear
    and feel the grate force. It engulfs you
    and laughs in a triumph. You scream! On the
    creature's face, nothing is given away but pure

    You blink.

    You wake. You feel aches. It is day. The sun's rays
    lift open your eyes. You stand . You are out of the
    alley You walk away. You know never to awake
    the creature

    of the ALLEY.