• ...Do you guys ever get the feeling like someone
    is staring at you, but you don't know for sure?

    -looks up-...
    Not only is he rude, but this London guy has a staring

    Mr Schlemmings: Mister Fischer, will you read
    what your fellow peers think of you?
    Robert: Do I have to?
    Mr. Schlemmings: Yes.
    Robert: Fine.

    This will be interesting, thanks to the 'I LOVE LONDON
    GUYS' posse of girls arranged together by the door.

    Robert: I see that I have a few admirers in this class.
    I do not wish to further the assignment, Mr. Schlemmings.

    Gee, and I thought I was the shy one here.
    I wonder why he didn't want to finish.
    Well, I will say that judging by the looks of the posse of
    this London guy, they must have written some very
    provocative descriptions of him and are highly disappointed.
    Oh well.

    Mr. Schlemmings: Thank you, Mr. Fischer. You may have a seat, now.
    Robert: Thanks.

    Did I mention earlier, that this Rude London Guy smells of such
    aroma of...goodness?
    I can't explain what it is, but it's not bad.
    It's kind of like a waaay better version of that Axe stuff you buy
    for like, three bucks at Wal-Mart.

    Mr. Schlemmings: For the remainder of the class, I guess I can give you guys time to mingle with your classmates and get caught up
    on what you all did over the summer. Class is over.

    I have to say that I am not in the least bit in a
    talkative mood.
    So, instead I just pull out my Ipod Touch and
    listen to Be Somebody by Kings of Leon.
    I am in love with this band.
    You can think I'm cheesy, but I don't care.
    Ha, to you.

    -tap on the shoulder-
    My groggily-eyed self must have dozed off.
    Oh, what is this?
    -picks up a piece of paper with Camille on the front-
    I look around to see where it could have come from, but
    everyone seems to not, in the least bit, care. Even the London
    guy is dedicated to finishing whatever he is writing or drawing
    in that book of his.
    I press the pause button on my Ipod and open the note:

    Will you forgive me for bumping into you, earlier?
    User Image
    Why didn't he just ask me in person?
    I write: Did this need to be written down?

    I put the note on his desk and sit back down.
    I watch as he takes the note, unfolds it, and reads.
    London guy writes something down and turns to hand it
    back to me.

    -take the note, unfold it, and read:
    Whatever happened between us earlier today, is just between
    us. I do not recall this whole class bumping into you and knocking
    your stuff over, do you?

    Gee, do I sense an attitude from this guy?

    I write: No, the whole class was not there, just us.
    Ok, I will accept your apology, but why did you just walk away?
    I mean, you didn't even help me pick my things up

    -clears throat-
    He remains in posture as his outstretched right hand waits for
    the note.
    London guy takes the note and writes. A few minutes later, he
    hands it back and I read:

    I can not give you a reasonable explanation as to why I did not
    help you. For that, please forgive me. I, honestly, did not see any
    of your personal belongings knocked down. If anything broke, I will
    gladly purchase another, Camille.

    This guy seems to be really apologetic.
    I write: No, your said actions will not be necessary.
    Thank you, though.
    I hand it back to him, and just as he was writing, the bell for class to
    be dismissed, rang out.
    I gather up my crap and head out.
    You know, this London guy isn't what I thought him to be.
    Although he did knock down my stuff, forgiveness was asked for.

    Ok, what class am I headed to now?
    -checks pocket for schedule-
    Ah, lunch.
    Good, because I am really hungry.
    -goes to the locker, exchanges books for the lunchbox,
    and walks outside-

    I must say that having lunch outside under a big oak
    tree is amazing.
    Maybe you guys should try it sometime.

    -major sigh-
    Well, if you ever decide to have lunch outside, make sure you
    bring a friend because it is disgusting to sit here and watch
    couple after couple exchange saliva.
    Mind if I join you, Camille?

    -glances up-
    Ah, flippin' fantastic.
    Camille: This is a free country, Robert, sit wherever you please.
    Robert: Thanks.

    To be continued....