My name is Achiro-Uchida.And i was born in Japan-in a very small village,known as; The Village of Death. I have no idea why they call it that! I mean everyone is nice there-stupid rumors! Not many of us die-it's just the old folk that die of old age.Anyway i was born there and also....i have no mother nor father.
    Yup,they're both dead. [sad]

    But don't worry-i did have someone to protect me.And that someone was;
    Kenji-mita! Oh,and his parents.My parents died in a fire and so when i turned two i found out.You know how when you're the first thing you see is your mother well not me-it was kenji! [yup] ^^

    For one whole year i was blind but now i can see the world for what it truly is. And that's...Kindness & lots of Homework!!! Today is March 15, and um,im in school. Right now i am 15 years old.Yup,it's my b-day.I go to a school called;
    "Mishimori high school". [lame] And you know what i hate most of all at this school? Well? It's the Teachers & Adults-besides mine and kenji's. And it's not about the work they give me-it's how they talk to me.They're always saying stuff like;"you poor thing" or " you must really miss them-you have no one to watch over you,no wonder you're always loud & rude". I mean what the heck-i have kenji-don't i? [duh] You should feel sorry for yourself's that you have to say such stupid things like that! You're LOUD! You're RUDE!!!

    Kenji is the same age as me,and for the past 14 years i have been living with him.But for the weekend im visiting my Aunt.I hardly know her but she's the oly blood i have. Today she's going to give me a present for my b-day,and tell me something.My Aunt has no children or friends,i bet she gets lonely really fast.Just one more day and i get to go back to my real home with Kenji-san!
    Here i come Kenji-Mita!!