• Positive...Positive...Positive. The word rang through Tryiana's head. Positive...Positive...Positive. Five tests and they all can up positive. Positive...Positive...Postive. Only 3 weeks home from the honeymoon and she gets positive.
    Lots of people to tell, but she was only 20. Thats a little younge to tell her parents. Yet, what daunted her was that she only had about two months before there would be dramatic changes in her apperance. One month untill things would start showing...not a lot of time. At least wait a little while...not the best plan, but it might work.
    "Hey Tryiana? You ok in there?" Donert called into the bedroom. She just realised she had been in there for four and a half hours.
    "Yeah," she said in a groggy voice, pretending she just woke up. "I'll be out in a minute."
    "Oh! I'm sorry! Did I wake you? I'm sorry!"
    "It's ok really."
    "Ok, well we are suppose to go over to your mom's house to help them move funiture arond. So, you had better get up." Moving funiture? I cant! She thought helplessly. The baby.
    "Hey Don? Can I tell you something?"
    "Sure" he walked in with a smile on his face. She didnt know where to begin. She wasnt even sure she wanted to tell him yet.
    "Well...Do you ever want to have children?"
    "Maybe someday, but now we wouldnt be ready. We just got married." he sat down on the bed.
    "Would you be mad..."the smile still on his face she said "If we had kids now? I mean, I'm not saying we are..."
    "No, but I just don't think we are ready yet."
    "Ok, well, I..." he cut her off
    "Your pregnant."
    "You left the tests on the bathroom sink counter."
    "Oh. I wanted to tell you now because I really can't movve funiture!"
    "Thats ok! I just tell your mom your having some trobles with your stomache, and you wanted to stay home. No lies there."
    "Yeah, thats good."
    "I still don't think we are ready," he said kissing her gently on the cheek "but this will be a good thing." he said, still with the same smile on as when he walked in.