• Preface
    I was always a weird kid; personality wise. I looked normal enough. I had light brown hair and plain brown eyes. My figure was normal and I enjoyed doing normal things. I had one parent, my mother, who was a work-a-holic. I lived in decent loft condo around the town hot spot. I had a dog, his name is Henry. To sum it up I was your basic teenager; just plain normal with only one abnormal trait. I could see angels. They were the most profound creature I’d ever seen in my existence. Most of them had soft silky looking blond hair with astonishing misty jade-sapphire eyes. Each of them has long black lashes, and such attracting features they looked like a reflection of god himself. Nonetheless their eyes held me captive. Every single angel had the same color. The pupils were a strange pure black, and the closest part to the pupil was a profundity of emerald green that slowly melted into a soft liquid blue. Just sharing glances with them sent pure bliss through the heart. I liked to call them hope angels; due to the fact mostly everyone had one. They gazed fondly at the person they kept watch over. The peaceful lust gaze never left them, which at first scared me. For you see, I hadn’t been able to see them until I had turned fourteen. One morning I noticed a shape hovering over me, and throughout the day it got increasingly clearer until I saw the face of a boy my age staring back at me with his spectacular gaze. I remember his words perfectly, as if they were sung to me, and ingrate into my head.
    I was curled up on my bed, scared silly as the boy floated above me. His lopsided grin was the only thing that kept me from screaming hectically.
    “Who are you? What the hell do you want from me?!” Such a stupid question at the time…It was fairly funny actually; when I had imagined myself talking to a mythical being, I’d dreamt of me saying something more interesting. I hated to think of saying the most basic thing possible, but when the chips fell it came out. I remember the boy smiled a heartbreaking smile. It gave the feeling of needing to blink several times; ah, such a trustworthy grin.
    “Sweet darling dear,” His voice rang like soft silver bells. “I’ve been sent to watch over you. Such a beautiful girl you are; such an honor to me that I have you to look after!” His laughter wanted to make me cry with joy. It was like I felt the folds of his dancing trill wrap around me like a caress. I had watched his halo shine bright on top his head. The odd thing about my angel (I hadn’t noticed at the time since this was my first sighting) he had beautiful brown chestnut hair. I recall watching in pure awe when the creased wings, he must have hid on his back, sprouted out like a shroud of picturesque comfort. Two second with the boy and I trusted him completely.
    That’s when my days with him became happiness. Yet a small flame of doubt whispered in my ear. Somehow I felt like I was walking on egg shells. As if the wrong step and I'd fall through and be forced to face the real world.