• My mom doesn't like the fact I spend so much time on my favorite website, FreaksofHorror.com. It's a place where i go to talk with people who have the same interests in scary stuff as me. My mom always told me, "Never give away any information about yourself to anyone! You don't know who they are!" I agree with her, but there was this one time I met a good guy.

    His username was Psychomania387, he liked the same movies I did and did many of the same activities I did, and he said he was the same age. So one day, he asked me something in our chatroom.
    Psychomania387: Hey dude, where do you live? I wanna meet you?
    Me: I live on Maple Street.
    Psychomania387: That's awesome! I live about a few miles away from you.
    Me: Ok...
    Psychomania387: You know where the park is? Meet me there tonight at 12:00.
    Me: Idk my mom doesn't want me out...
    Psychomania387: Who cares what she thinks? Just sneak out when she's asleep.
    Me: ...ok fine, see you there
    Psychomania387: Sweet.

    And so I went to the park around 11:57 and waited. Then I saw a man come out from the bushes. I asked him, "Psychomania387?" He replied, "Yep. Sorry, i didn't really tell the complete truth about my age. I'm really thirty-eight...how old are you?" I answered, "twelve..." and then a devilish smile came across my face, "...hundred!" He laughed at first but then my wings came out and he went dead silent, his face turning so pale, he looked like he was made of powdered sugar. My canine teeth extended to full length and my claws grew in, "I'll give you a ten second head start!"

    He turned and ran, screaming at the top of his lungs. I flew into the air, chasing him while thinking, "Should I kill him quickly or make this a game?" Anyway, I see what my mom meant, there are people online out there to get you...and I just made it a little bit safer...