• Narrator: Once upon a time in a kingdom far away....
    Ally sad Interupts Narrator) HOLD IT, HOLD IT! What do you think your doing?!
    Narrator: Um telling your story?
    Ally: I can narrate my own story so beat it!
    Narrator: Ok ok your call. (walks out of room)
    Ally: Ok now that he's gone we get on with this (turns into a flash back)
    It all happened last month. I was getting ready for my birthday (pauses flash back) Oh I'm sorry I forgot to tell you I am a princess anyway back to the story(plays flash back) I was in my room when I suddenly heard screams coming from downstairs. I crept down to see what had happened. There was our kingdoms enemy "LORD SHADOW BLADE" dun dun duuunnnnnnnn. lol He had taken my parents hostage and was planning to dictate the kingdom. I tried to run and hit him but I was grabbed by one of the soliders. "You must flee the palace princess, you are in grave danger" I tried to struggle free but he was too strong so I gave up. He took me to the the stables, saddled one of the horses and put me on. "There is a farm on the outskirts of town, this horse will bring you there, tell them how you are, they'll understand." He gave me some of my belongings and slapped the horse and I was off on the adventure that changed my life........
    Ok I'm tired so to be continued.