• "What?! Hero, please rethink this! Mr.Edgar is a good man! You're here for all the wrong reasons!" Scarecrow cried. Hero again, ignoring the telepath.
    "Look, i'm here aren't I? Once I find out what I want, then perhaps i'll consider doing the job." Hero replied smugly.
    "Aye. And for all teh' trouble of us walkin' down 'ere, we at least deserve a little somethin' personal. Don't ya think?" Argest added.
    "Exactly..." Hero finished up the conversation, as he continued looking through books. Hero was in the middle of two, very large book shelves, stacked full of books based on myholigy. Or in this case based on Nature and Wildlife. Country Two was now bustling full of people. It took Hero all night to walk all the way to central. It was a good four hundred miles, how Edgar got there and back with all those book, honestly amazed Hero.
    Hero's eyes locked onto a certain book "Finally." Hero pulled the book from the shelf and read it aloud "Amulents and Curses for single celled fools." Hero began flipping through it's pages.
    "An amulent, and curse encyclopdeia? What's that for?" Scarecrow asked, just now calming down. Hero found the page he was looking for.
    "That's right, I never did tell you why I was here. Well you know that amulent that fused us together?"
    "Well, I wanted to get some more information on it. Like ways to reverse the effect and what not."
    "So, basically you took Mr.Edgar's pass for your own selfish reasons, didn't you?!"
    "That's right." Hero clucked with laughter as he began reading about it "Hmmm. It's called Mysterious Amulent. It's effects include.
    1) The fusing between one to five souls.
    2) Enhancing Alchemic abilites.
    3) Mutation.
    4) Revival of the dead.
    Sounds pretty useful to me..." Hero flipped the page "Now where can I get one?" He jokingly snickered. "Let's see. Only three known Mystrious Amulent's are known to exist..." Hero sighed "Dammit." Hero closed the book. Already losing interest. Hero tucked the book into his jacket, and walked out of the aisle.
    "You're going to steal the book?! Are you crazy?!"
    Hero sighed "Calm down Screcrow! No one'll notice, now just shush. Will you feel better if I find that Jim Hakkins guy?" Hero asked as he kept an eye out for any onlookers. Attention was something Hero didn't enjoy receiving.
    "...Maybe..." Scarecrow replied meakly. Hero nodded, and began roaming around looking for Jim Hakkins. Soon Hero found his way to a large table, with seperate little booths, so people can have small talk/private conversations. Although there was only one man there. Hero walked over and sat at the opposite end of the man's booth. "Are you Jim Hakkins?" Hero asked as quietly as he could. The man was's face was concealed by the shadows of his hat, and trench coat that so neatly suited him. The man gave Hero a cold glare
    "What of it?" the man asked, his voice not suiting his looks at all. Hero couldn't help but grin at the sound of the man's voice. Hero put on a serious looks right away, and continued with businness,
    "I'm a friend of Mr.Edgar. He asked me to come here, thinking you'd have some information on who's been messing with the stars..." Hero explained. The man thought for a few seconds.
    "Ah, yes. That old cook. We talked about the stars not too long ago. Although it was until very recent that I actually found something worth sharing." The man looked Hero dead in the eyes "Yes, i'm Jim Hakkins if you haven't caught on yet."
    "Thanks for the update..." Hero muttered.
    "Alright, listen up."

    "A group of scientists have been digging underground at the Country Two gem minds. Tales of an anicent device, capable of granting someone great power lied unside these minds. So scientists have hired some extra muscle to make sure no one enters the mines. People lately have been getting crabby, somethings bound to happen soon unless the hired men, and scientists are taken out." Jim Hakkins handed Hero a small piece of paper.
    "Hm? What's this?" Hero asked "And what's the stars have to do with this anicient machine underground?" Hero glanced at the piece of paper. It was an old newspaper article about the stars disappearing for over three weeks at a time.
    "I have reasons to believe that the machine is using the stars to generate power. I don't know how, but i'm guessing your job's to figure it out."
    Herp glaned over the paper once more, before thanking Jim for his help and heading for the door.

    Just as Hero was about to exit the door, an alarm went off.
    "What's going on?!"
    Hero's attention came to a wrinkly old lady, who was obviously the librarian
    "Where do you think you're going with that book young man?!!!"
    Hero was in shock "What?! How'd you know about that?!"
    "These books are like children to me! It's a sense that can only be felt through a mother and child!" She roared as two large men entered the scene, seemingly out of know where. They were at least eight feet tall, and they were obviously security guards, due to their tuxedos with the words security written along the pants legs, and along their backs.
    "Brooke! Bruno! Someone's trying to steal our children, just like that insulferable old man!"
    "Heh, Edgar." Hero chuckled at the word old man.
    "KILL HIM!" She roared, as the two security guard came charging at Hero.
    "What?! Kill?! Over a book!!!" Hero watched as Bruno's medicine ball sized fist came streaming down toward Hero. Hero rolled out of the way, throwing a roundhouse kick into the guard's arm. Hero immediately withdrew his foot.
    "Agh!! Dammit, it's as hard as concrete!" Hero leaped forward, falling to the ground to avoid another punch, this time from Brooke.
    Hero drew his katana "Alright then, boys! Daddy's gonna get serious!" Hero simply stood there, which contrasted with the threat he just called out. The two security guards took no time in waiting, they just ran over to him, throwing their fists at him simultaneously.
    "Heh. Looks like I won..."

    It didn't even seem like Hero had moved, but somehow he ended up behind the two, and exiting the door. Although that's not all he did. Withtin a few seconds from Hero's exit, Bruno and Brooke noticed the horizontal cut that streatched along their stomachs. Slowly the two body guards slid into two, everyone was thrown into panic, as blood, along with a few intestines were spewed across the room.The librarian fell to her knees, speechless
    "Who...What... Is he...?"