• Rose, Bloody Rose…

    Death begins with life’s first breath
    And life begins at the touch of death…

    She was beautiful. She had everything I had ever wanted, and my only escape was hiding in the dark corners of the world, and running for the door. But nobody ever listened; it was so hard, just to be me. They said every teenager felt this way, but I knew I was different. Always living in the shadow of someone else, her, never able to believe in myself. Trying to find a hand to hold, to help me get through it. But all the hands were cold, and the voices were mean. I was living in a night mere, though I was wide-awake. It felt like a never-ending sleep.
    Now I know I’m wide awake, no matter how much worse the night mere becomes, and trust me, it got much, much worse when he walked in to my life and turned it upside down….

    Chapter 1

    I was sixteen years old when my parents went away, I was stuck inside a broken life I couldn’t wish away no matter how hard I tried. The word impossible streamed constantly across my mind. There was one thing that made everything worse then usual. Scarlet. She was beautiful, and she had everything. It wasn’t fair how much power she possessed because of what she had. My only escape was hiding out and running for the door whenever she neared…I wasn’t afraid of her; she just poked at what was already broken.
    I wish somebody would listen; all I need is for someone to understand how hard it is. I felt like I was living in the shadows while everyone else lived out their dreams. All I needed was a hand, the hand that never came until one unfortunate day, the day I came alive again, and the day I died inside. I was still the ash pale Caleigh Blaise with dark curls that fell just below my shoulders and dark piercing eyes, but I finally felt like my life was worth something again. All I had to do was wait until I was seventeen, that’s when I found Brandon.
    He didn’t know it yet, but he was the once person who’s hand I would willingly take, fearless once again. The chains that I felt like I was bound in didn’t hold me anymore, and I didn’t want people to feel sorry for me. I never showed how I really felt, always keeping my face blank, emotionless. Emotions give people the chance to destroy you, and I had to be strong.
    After a while I began to notice that Scarlet had gotten a hold of Brandon, digging her pink nails in to his tan, toned arm, refusing to let go. She would do anything to ruin me, and I hated her for that. Even though I didn’t show them, she knew my weaknesses. All the days collided, each one less perfect then the last. Scarlet was living the life I wanted, the life I needed, but of course, I was always a last resort.
    Guys didn’t really like me, weather it was because they were scared of me or didn’t know what to think of me I didn’t know, but when I first met Brandon it was different. He hated me, strongly, and he told me it was because of how much he loved me, but now I knew that was a lie. If he loved me he wouldn’t be with Scarlet. I didn’t have time for this…
    I didn’t really like him at first, he annoyed me…but now, seeing him with Scarlet, watching the frown form on his perfect features as she yells at him for joking about her hair being a mess, I knew I loved him to, and only wish I could have realized that sooner. As much as I wanted to tell him, to put a smile on his face again, I knew it wasn’t safe, and I didn’t need more drama.
    It was early, 12:55 am to be exact, and I hadn’t gotten once ounce of sleep. The night began with me staring out my window in to the dark, watching the clouds roll swiftly over the moon, which left my confused mind and broken heart feeling even worse. I began to hyperventilate for a reason I couldn’t explain if my life was on the line, and only just realized when it turned in to sobs by the slightly shaking bed. I shut my curtains roughly, not wanting the light provided from the moon, and sat hugging my pillow alone in the dark. The wrenching sobs had died down slightly, and turned in to silent tears streaming slowly down my cheeks. I wanted to scream, let the world know I had given up, or I felt like giving up.
    Love is impossible, just a pain we choose to inflict on ourselves because it doesn’t hurt at first, you just feel the tingling that always comes briefly before the real pain sets in. I can’t handle anymore of that pain…and the tingling feeling is becoming unbearable! I wandered idly if he still felt the same way he used to about me, before my tears put me to sleep…