• Negillions of light-years away, a war on a scale you can only imagine in your wildest dreams wages. Four major nation's fight to bring their ways to all three universes. New Emperica and Boombyuai, fighting to bring democracy and freedom to all, and The Auroura Empire and The Serpentine Kingdom fighting to bring oppression and dictatorship to all three universes.

    The New Empericans and Boombuains formed an alliance known as The Federation of Universalism, with many smaller nations joining, and the Aurourans and Serpentinians forming an alliance known as The Axis of Power, with a few large nations joining.

    This is the story of a time when war, death, and destruction were everyday things. Im Ezikiel Turret, New Emperican Lion Trooper, and your in for the ride of your life kid.