• Kaylee tried to swim up to the surface only to feel something start to pull her down again by her ankle. She pulled her ankle up in hopes that it would get it out of what ever held onto it only to be pulled down deeper into the ocean. Her throat started to burn for air as she continued with her last attempts to get up above the sea's dark water.

    As she did this Kaylee started to feel like she must be really stupid if she ended up dieing this way, and that she shouldn't have swum out into the ocean alone.

    She wanted to push that out of her mind as she continued with her strokes to get to the surface. Having no air was getting unbearable. As soon as she thought that she inhaled a mouth full of the salty ocean water.

    Kaylee could feel her lungs burn furiously and started to panic. She didn't want to die like this. She had friends, a family, her whole life ahead of her.

    As she thought that she inhaled more water. Now it felt as if a fire had started inside her lungs; burning her from the inside out.

    She moved her armes wildly to get above the water. However, she felt another tug on her ankle and it's grip tightening. Kaylee turned her head to see what was holding onto it. Only to find bones that formed into a human hand that belonged to a person in a black robe.