• Chapter 1

    The boat port stood stationary by the sapphire colored waters. White sandy beaches, the tranquil tide, it was the place of serenity to a harmony. Only this harmony was not the elegant tune, it was a brown teenage fox, with the name Harmony. Misunderstood my the world, she turned away from the sea, closing her eyes painfully in thought. She mumbled something under her breath, before speeding of into the distant sunset.

    “Sonic, Sonic!” a young twin tailed fox called down the stairs, “I finished my invention for the science fair, its bound to win so we should get plenty of money towards our new machine,” he said quite cheerfully, as he flew down the stairs, twirling his tails to keep him up.
    “Gee Tails thats great and everything, but do you have a way for the others to travel? After all it is quite a ways away.”
    “No not yet, I'm working on that,” Tails said, scratching his head before retreating up the stairs. He looked back to see the blue hedgehog get up and dart out the door. “Be careful Sonic,” Tails muttered, but the speedy blue blur was already gone.

    Sonic sped through the fields full of farmers, waving at every, “Hi Sonic!” and “Sonic, lovely day today isn't it.” He continued, bring up a cloud of dust behind him. He finally stopped at a little cementary. It was one of the best graveyards that you could get put into. Sonic sighed, stopping at a single lonesome grave. He looked at the granite engravings: “ In honor of the best drummer the world could ever, rest in peace.” Sonic eyed the death date, “ Death-?” Sonic could not come to the fact the fact that his brother was most likely dead. He had been missing ever since he last saw Sonic, five years. Sonic had traveled all over Mobius looking for him, either no one knew or they said he was dead.
    “I will find you Manic, and who ever has or had you, will pay,” he growled clenching his fist, turning a slightly darker color.

    Sonic turned to leave the abandoned cementary, except for a young fox girl, when he noticed something peculiar. The fox on the other side of the yard stood still, not noticing Sonic walking towards he, turning a darker color by the second. He grabbed her wrist, and pulled up her arm. “This bracelet,” he snarled pointing to the gold bracelet on her wrist, ignoring her shocked stares, “Where did you get this,” he shook with fury, yanking it off her wrist. He examined it, jumping back when he saw the engraving of a drum set on it.

    Sonic was too busy staring at the bracelet, he didn't notice the girl pull her arm back, and swing it forward with such a power it sent Sonic off his feet, crashing into a tombstone. She ran over, prying the bracelet from his hands, and turned to leave. Just before exiting the gate, she turned towards Manic's grave, bowing her head and holding back a tear. She turned away from the grave, and raced off into the distance, leaving the blue hedgehog unconcious.