• Some angels had to re-learn these emotions. Either we had lost them when we had died or we forget them. I am one of the very few angels that do both, I lost my emotions when I had died and I forget them over time. But most of the emotions have come back to me so I don't have to worry about that.
    My main objective is to be a guardian Angel but the bad part is that I have to find the human I have to guard.

    When I first arrived on earth, it hurt. I seriously am a 'fallen' angel. Not so much that I was banned from heaven, which I wasn't, its just we fall to get down to earth. The angels that are banned from heaven are the worst and the most pathetic exuse for angels I have ever known. They broke the laws and they were punished. So once we get down to earth we have to go straight to the angel guide on earth, there is one in every town, city and state. They tell us what we have to do and they help us get back to being able to live normally on earth. Me on the other hand, still had some memories of when I was live so it was easier for me.
    I had made friends, got a very well paying job and a very nice house. Most angels couldn't do some of those things. I guess I am just special.


    I went to school, like any normal day. I chatted with my friends, and then went to class. While in class the empty seat behind me was now filled. Darkbrown hair and onix eyes that sparkled locked with mine. My breath Hitched and my face heated. I looked away, uneasy. Was this what they called love at first sight?
    I took my seat in front of him, and looked out the window.I could feel his eyes burning holes in the back of my head.
    When the teacher called my name, all eyes were on me. It wasnt helping at all. I stuttered the answer, "X e-equals 7" I gulped. I never stutter. My face burned red. I felt sick.
    My teacher apparently noticed as well and asked, "Sakamoto, would you like to go to the nurse, you dont look too well." I nodded. "yes please" But when I tried to stand up I sat back down,my legs felt like jelly and everything would spin. "Would someone please assist Sakamoto" He said not bothering to leave the front of the class. I heard some shuffleing behind me and a voice spoke up.

    " I will escort her down." The very guy that made my heart beat wildly was offering to take me to the nurse, I didnt even know his name. I held my face in my hands, not knowing if it was just to stop the room from spinning or to hide my face from eyes that would see my blush.
    I was suddenly lifted up, carried by him bridal style. I could feel that he was not a very muscular guy but was still very strong. I also noticed he had a strange black mark on the back of his neck. I couldn't keep my mind clear. We walked, or rather he carried through the halls and placed me gently on a cot in the nurses office, she wasnt in. He sat at the end of my cot, very quietly. The silence was unbearable so I spoke, " Thank you very much for taking me down here, my name is Sakamoto, whats yours?" I asked trying to be polite. It was a little bit before he spoke in a nice velvety voice that was strong yet soothing.

    "My Name is Shinichi" He got up and looked at me, analizing very detail about me. Then he turned and left once the nurse got back.
    I was later dissmissed to go home, When I arrived at my house I went to bed only to be plagued by him in my dreams.

    I could only think about him, and then it hit me.
    1. I had found the person i was suppose to guard.
    2. I had realized that the mark on his neck meant that he was a demon.
    3. I had fallen in love with him.