• Rook Ramsey

    Chapter 1

    Rook hated how she always had to be on the run. She hated how she couldn’t ever have a family, a family who loved her for who she was. She hated how she didn’t have friends. But what she hated most was herself. I’m the one who’s not normal, I’m the one who can turn into a raven and has weird abilities, and I’m the one who doesn’t have friends or family, she thought. Tears silently poured out from her emerald-green eyes. Sirens sounded in the distance. Rook started to run as fast as she could. They where going to take her back to the lab, where they locked her into empty rooms saying she was too dangerous to be free. “No.” She was not going to let them catch her this time. Feathers started to sprout out of her skin, black, raven feathers. She took to the sky. I’m free, she thought. It’s amazing how one four-letter word can be so utterly beautiful.