• Elila stood still. She could feel something big coming. Its a gift that her father gave her, his family has all this future seeing kinda wizards.
    She knelt down and put her olived skinned head against the leaf litered ground. "Hmm, either a war or a fat dragon driving a cart. " Elila chuckled to herself. "ELILA GET IN HERE NOW!" Her mother narrowed her bright blue eyes. Mother didn't like when she uses here future seeing power. She jumped up and ran toward the seven story mansion. For some one as poor as me
    I live in an awsome mansion she thought. Elila staggered into the musty foyer. She looked around; the room was filled with pictures of the couples and their children that lived here before them, three chairs snuggled into one of the sides of the room, the other side worn but comfy had a huge red couch filed with pillows. A head popped out of one of the rooms, " Hi honey! Come on in, me and you're mother were just talking about ya!" oh no, she thought, nothin good. Her father had a smile on his face that could light the whole town. Elila hesitated for a moment but finally gave in to Fathers staring. Dragging her feet behind her, she slowly made her way to the door. Sitting in one of the three chairs was her mother, back strait, lips tightly held together, and she was frozen like a block of ice under water. "Come on, we dont have all day." Said her mother sharply. Elila quickly sat in the chair in the middle. "Little girl, your mother has gottin tired of you using...well, you know. So we talk about it, and we desided that we are going to send you to help at the kingdom.' Elila's mouth dropped down to the basement.