• “Oh Raine, I know just what you should wear for your date,” Leon’s vampire sister Pheobe said with a smile. I would have objected but she didn’t give me a chance as she pulled me upstairs. Plus, how could I say no to that face?

    What happened to my deamon back bone.

    She took me to a large room with pastel walls and a canopy bed. After sitting me down in front of a table and mirror with make-up cases splayed along it she used her vamp speed and went into a walk in closet coming out with a couple dresses. Which she held each one up next to me to estimate how they would look.

    “Uh.. Really you don’t have to do this..,” I tried saying.

    Pheobe played with my hair, “No, I want to. You’re the first girl my brother has brought home.”

    Wow, didn’t see that coming.

    Snapping her fingers Pheobe once again went into the closet and came out holding a frilly black dress with deep red lace, “This is the dress for you.” Nudging me toward the bathroom she encouraged, “Go try it on.”

    When I came out she gasped, “I was right! You look beautiful.” She rushed me to the table and mirror again, “Now your hair.” It took awhile but when Pheobe was done my hair was pulled back in tight curls and she applied some red lipstick before I left the room.

    Leon smiled when he saw me walking down the stairs, looking me up and down with that heat of desire in those silver eyes I remember seeing before.

    “Well, let’s head out,” Leon announced grabbing my hand and leading me to the door.

    “Wait!” Pheobe shouted running down the stairs carrying a pair of high heeled shoes. “Don’t forget these.”

    I muttered thanks and slipped them on. When we got outside Leon held open the door of his silver sports car.

    Yeah, did I tell ya? He owns a sports car apparently.

    I didn’t get in, instead I crossed my arms turning to him, “Let’s get one thing straight vamp boy.”

    He arched one dark delicious eyebrow, “And what’s that?”

    “You may think that you’ve got me just because I let you kiss me that one time but you’re just my care taker.” I lifted my chin confidently, “And this is not a date.”

    Smiling wickedly he leaned forward, “From what I remember you didn’t mind that kiss.” He traced my lips with one finger, gazing at me hungrily, “I even believe a moan escaped those lips of yours.” I smacked him playfully in the chest and got in the car.

    Amused with himself he closed my door and went around to get in his side of the car.

    As he pulled out and started to drive down the road I sighed heavily asking, “So, where are we going?”

    Ignoring my question he tossed a piece of cloth on my lap, “Tie that around your eyes.”

    I gave him a weird look but thinking I should just go with whatever he had planned I did what he said. I mean this might get my mind off the whole deamons trying to kill me issue.

    I asked Leon exactly eight times ‘Where are we going?’ Of course each time his answer was, “You’ll see.” That just made me want to know even more. So, when the car finally stopped and he announced that we were here I nearly shouted my relief.

    Being the gentleman he was Leon opened my door and helped me out. Because I couldn’t see he had to slowly lead me to wherever we were going. A little ways from the car he stopped saying, “Hold on.”

    There was some rustling around and then suddenly he grabbed my arm, lightly pulling me down. I landed in his lap and he pulled the blind fold off. It didn’t take long for my eyes to adjust because of how dark it was but when they did I found myself in a cemetery.

    We sat on a blanket set out in the middle of the cemetery with a basket and lit candles on top of it.

    I couldn’t believe it. It was.. was... perfect. But I couldn't let him know that.

    When I didn’t say anything he reached around me opening the basket and pulled out some plates, silverware and food in tupperware. Leon first opened what looked like pasta or ravioli and grabbing a fork he said, “Close your eyes.”

    “Why?” I asked confused.

    He rolled his eyes, “Just do it.”

    “Well fine mister bossy pants.” I closed my eyes and I could feel him smile behind me. There was a clang and he used a finger to slip between my lips to open my mouth.

    Then, the food was in my mouth and he was whispering next to me ear for me to chew it. Whatever it was, it was so good!

    “Oh my god! That is delicious,” I said excitedly opening my eyes and turning in his lap.

    Leon laughed and took a bite himself, “You’re right this is really good.” He grabbed the tupperware and handed me another one, “This one is mine. You can have this.”

    I opened the it and found a weird green looking pasta. “What?!” I asked shocked. Then I tried to grab 'his' pasta but with his reflexes I didn’t even get close. “That’s not fair.”

    He laughed again and I almost sighed at how good it sounded. But then I arched an eyebrow, “I thought vampires could only drink blood.”

    Taking a bite he shook his head, “No, we can eat food but after a couple hundred years you get tired of it, ya know? Sex too.”

    “Then why are you eating?” I thought then asked, “And when did you give up sex?”

    Leon smiled setting down the food, which I took the opportunity to steal and start eating myself. He kissed my cheek saying, “An appetite for food is another sign of meeting your lifemate.” Before I could protest about that whole 'him thinking I was his lifemate' thing I was smacked in the head and sent flying across the cemetery.

    I could hear Leon hiss and through blurred vision I saw him grab whatever had hit me and throw off of me. Staggering to my feet I tried to stop the bleeding coming from the gash in my forehead.

    Leon was blocking what looked like a red deamons’ tail swinging at him. The tip of the tail had a very sharp looking blade that hit Leon a couple times across the chest. He only stumbled a little but grabbed the tail, gripping it and throwing him into a tree.

    Thinking quickly I said the first spell that came to mind, “Armus Tirus.” The ground started shaking and suddenly there was a wide crack going right down the cemetery. Leon blocked another swing of the deamons tail then spun kicking the deamon in the legs which sent him falling backward into the crack I made. I could hear the deamon cry out as he was burned alive.

    Feeling dizzy I fell on my a** smiling up at my vampire, “I guess you saved my life.. again.”

    Wait. Did I just call him mine? This is bad.

    Leon crouched down in front of me and kissed my forehead. Oh yeah, this is real bad.

    To Be Continued...
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