• Rumesis Pharpho sat on a rock next to his pupil who is looking over the cliff. The pupil looks so intently over that he may fall over by accident but he keeps himself steady. Rumesis looks at him closely. "You know thats one long fall you have there." The pupil doesn't respond. "I don't know what troubles you but before you decide to take that fall let me show you something." The pupil turns to Rumesis has Rumesis picks up a rock. "Nothing lasts forever you know, not even the sky, or the feelings of love..." Rumesis takes the rock and tosses it over the cliff. They watch has it clatters to the bottom and breaks at the end. "But that also means things like war, and hatred do not last forever either.." Rumesis then picks up another rock and lays it in front of his pupil. The pupil looks intently at the rock and says "So your telling me to tough it out and I will be just fine."
    "No not exactly, I am trying to tell you that nothing lasts forever weather it be good or bad, heaven or hell. So endure the bad times and cheer up kid because these are the good times." Rumesis ends this with a smile. The pupil looks at him and smiles back. "Your right master, has always, sorry for the scare."
    "Its alright kid I am just doing my job." Rumesis then stands and walks away has the kid looks back over the cliff.

    What do you think happened next? Or what would you like to have happened next?