• Chapter two
    “A what?”
    Dad looked exasperated. He slowed down his words like you would to explain something to a toddler.
    “A magician.”
    I rolled my eyes. “Dad, there’s no such thing as magic.”
    Dad looked like he was going to explode. I could’ve swore his eyes had turned red. “Oh, my boy you’re going to eat your words.” Then he muttered something I couldn’t hear, and the rug I was standing on flew out from under me and rolled itself up. That resulted in me falling on my butt. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing me in pain, so I got up and tried not to convey any emotion.
    “That still doesn’t prove anything dad. I could do that myself just as easily as you did.”
    “You could Toren, I know, but that would take so much longer.” As dad said that, I heard the school bus’ horn. Excited at my luck, I ran out of the study without acknowledging my dad.
    I ran out to the bus dragging my book bag, which was heavy from all the books I lugged around for weekend homework that we got at the end of every week. Although considering most of the teachers and students are afraid of me I usually end up with the least amount of homework. What little homework I do get is usually the easiest. I only know one person who isn’t afraid of me. My best friend Skylar Craig. I reached the bus and got on board. I was greeted with the usual bravado of my fellow classmates.
    “Hey Tom, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at home with your daddy plotting how to make us suffer the most?” This comment came from a dumb head named Harley. (Sounds more like a name for a German Shepherd.) I got in really close to him, till I was close to being nose to nose.
    “You know something Fenton, if you don’t shut it you’ll be the first one who suffers here.”
    The whole bus got quiet as I walked away from Harley and took a seat next to Skylar.
    “You shouldn’t have done that Toren.” Her usually laughing tone was dead serious.
    “Sky’, could I ask you something?” I asked
    “How come you don’t call me Tom like the others? How come you’re so willing to use my real name?”
    “Well, T’ it’s your name. The way I see it if your afraid of a name then you miss out on learning about the actual person . You know what I mean?”
    “Yeah, I guess so.” Sighing, I grabbed my book bag ,took out my reading book and pretended to be engrossed in it.