• Leon hooked an arm behind my back and the other under my legs picking me up and holding me to his chest. “Put me down,” I nearly shrieked surprised.

    He just laughed walking towards his super expensive sports car. “I mean it, put me down. You’re gonna drop me, I just know it.”

    “I’m not going to drop you. Even without my vampire strength I wouldn’t,” he assured me. “Plus, you can’t walk.”

    I tried to squirm out of his arms saying, “But you’re hurt. You shouldn’t be carrying me. And I can walk. I‘m not stupid.”

    Leon just looked at me skeptically then set me down on my feet, “Alright, let’s see it.” Lifting my chin confidently I turned around. And just a little too quickly ‘cause I fell backwards. Leon caught me of course.

    I was shocked he didn’t say something like ‘told ya so’ as he carried me and sat me down in the car. “Stay here,” is what he told me as he went to get the stuff from our picnic. Like I was going anywhere. When he came back he threw the basket in the back and hopped in the front seat, pulling away and driving off.

    “What are you doing?” I practically shouted. “You can’t drive you’re hurt. Pull over.”

    Leon patted my hand saying, “I’m fine don’t worry.”

    I put on the sternest look I could muster and repeated, “Pull over.” He glanced at me and sighing he did what I said.

    Then, I quickly took the keys and put them down the front of my shirt. Looking around I found a lever and pulled it which flung him backwards in his seat.

    “Was that really necessary?” he asked me eyeing my breasts.

    “Hey, look up here.” I pointed to my eyes, “And yes it was.”

    Too impatient to unbutton his shirt I tore it open then I snapped my fingers and a flame formed on the tip of one finger. Using the flame I looked at cuts and saw blue flecks in his blood. Which could mean only one thing. Poison.

    I remember reading something about poison in one of the medical books I found in Hell. It said you had to suck the it out without swallowing it.

    Leon stiffened and I could tell the poison was taking its affect. And when he groaned in pain I knew I had to move quick. So, placing my lips over the cut I sucked out what I could and spit it out the window. His blood had such a rich and delicious taste. It was like having freezing cold water poured on you on the hottest day in Texas. It took all my strength not to drain him dry. And when I was done with the other cuts I tore his shirt into pieces, tying them around him to stop the bleeding.

    Well now what. I don’t know where we are, can’t drive and my caretaker is passed out in the drivers seat.

    “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me. Don’t you wish..” I looked around trying to find the source of the music. When I saw a blinking light come from Leon’s pocket I reached in and pulled out a phone. It flashed ‘1 missed call’ on the front.

    Scrolling through the contacts I found his sisters number.

    It rang twice then, “Bon? Leon is something wrong?” asked Pheobe.

    “No, it’s not Leon. It’s me.” Realizing how stupid that sounded I added, “Raine.”

    “Oh!” she exclaimed. “What are you doing with my brothers phone?”

    “That’s the thing. Leon is passed out. And I don’t know what to do.” I whined the last part.

    I could hear her giggle on the other end, “So, you and my brother got a little.. physical?”

    “What? No, why would he pass out if.. anything like that happened?” I asked. She stayed silent and I could hear whispers in the background. “Listen, we went to some cemetery and we were attacked-”

    “Oh my God! Are you guys ok?” Pheobe shouted.

    “Yeah, yeah we’re fine. I just don’t know where to go. Mostly because I don’t know where we are.”

    “Do you see any street signs around? I know this town like the back of my hand.”

    “Uh there’s one… It says ‘Je Tieme’.”

    There was some rustling around then I heard that irish accented voice say, “We’ll be there in a few.” Click, Bradly hung up. I blew an exasperated breath out then sat back closing my eyes.

    I must have fallen asleep ‘cause the next thing I know Pheobe’s life mate Bradly is shaking me awake with a flash light shining in my face. “Wake up. You alright, lass?” he asked.

    I covered my eyes getting out of the car, “I was until you blinded me.”

    He laughed and ushered me to a black Mercedes with heavily tinted windows. “Get in we’ll take you home.” I did what he said but asked, “What about Leon’s car?”

    “Mary-Anne is going to drive it home.” He motioned to Leon’s mother who was now getting in the front seat.

    Mary-Anne looked around confused then asked, “Where are the keys?” Oh, I almost forgot! Quickly I jumped out and ran over pulling the keys out of my shirt. She arched an eyebrow when I handed them to her and I just shook my head, “Don’t ask.”

    Half an hour and a shower later I was sitting back at Leon’s parents house in the room I was staying in. I grabbed my favorite SkulAnimals stuffed animal and curled up with it on a big comfy chair. Then, opening ‘Medicine Techniques’ I picked up where I left off.

    “Raine,” came that husky male voice I knew all too well. Thinking fast I threw the book behind the chair as Leon walked in.

    What? I wasn’t going to let someone like him know, me, a deamon princess, was into medicine. Or anyone for that matter.

    “Shouldn’t you be resting?” I asked when he sat on the end of my bed. Leon just looked at me for a moment then reached over, grabbed my hand and pulled me to him. Before I knew it his lips were on mine. Moving slowly, passionately. Then they were gone and he whispered, “Thank you.” Sitting me down on the bed he got up and left. He left me there thinking.

    What would I have done if that deamon had killed him? If he couldn’t have done what he did just now. I would have never been able to see those sexy lips turn up in a smile or hear that laugh of his.

    Wait, why do I care?! What I’m really concerned about is his family.. Yeah. I mean the longer I’m here the more in danger they are.

    I can’t stay here. I have to get out. For Leon and his family’s sake.

    To Be Continued…
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