• ~~Starstruck~~

    Ch. 1 Johanna

    Carlee was a regular 14 year old girl who thinks everything happens for a reason and that all the bad things in life happen to her at the best times. She is the tomboyish type and is obssesed with the camera. She believes in ghoasts and has no reason not to. She was a tall girl for her age. She was 5'5. She loved music and had green eyes. She had emo type hair. It was brown with blonde streaks. The only type of shoes that she really wore were DCs. She also loved adventures. She dosnt know it yet but her life was about to turn into a adventure.

    One night when Carlee woke up from a really bad dream that she was having she decided to take a walk up the street. Her street wasnt that long so it wasnt a big deal. She slipped her feet into her tennis shoes and headed down stairs. She was kinda hungry so she grabbed a apple for the walk. Half way up the street she heard someone following her. She turned around quickly almost dropping her apple. It was a cloudy night to where the clouds covered the moon and made it almost impossible to see your hand in front of your face it was so dark. She thought that it would of been helpful if she brought her flashlight. She took the first bite of her apple. It was very juicy. She kept walking still hearing the footsteps behind her. She jerked around. Still no one there. Then when she thought everything was okay behind her she turned around and there was this little girl standing almost in front of her. Carlee thought it was her dream coming true.

    Carlees dream was where this little girl was following her everywhere she went. She got so scared she tried to kill the little girl but she was already dead. Carlee wanted to get her off of her mind so she went for a walk. She thought that the little girl wouldnt follow her. But she did. The little girl wouldnt leave her alone so Carlee went to yell at the little girl to tell her to leave her alone but when she turned around the little girl jammed a knife into her stomach and killed her.

    Carlee was afraid that the little girl standing in front of her now was going to do the same thing to her as in her dream.....just then the little girl spoke to Carlee.

    "Hello. My names Johanna." Said the little girl.
    "What do you want from me?!?!?"Carlee replied frighened.
    "To be your friend."
    "But why me?"
    "Beacuse you seem nice. I live right there. I will see you tomarrow to play."
    "Okay?" Carlee replied.

    Johanna left Carlee standing there all alone. Johanna was a 5 year old girl who wore a white dress with flowers at the bottom and some old fashion boots. She always carries a bunny around with her and wears her hair in pig tails. She had a baby face and walked kinda fast. She seemed smart to Carlee.
    Carlee looked where the little girl pointed. It was the old abondoned house with broken windows and some borded up and some had these raggidy old curtins. The brown paint that was on the house was faded and the front yard had a old couch that looked like it had been lit on fire 20 times. The mailbox was old and had something carved into it. Well lets just say this the mailbox looked like a block of metal with a door on a wooden stick. It was a pretty beat up house. Carlee remembered what her mom said about the house. She said that there was a big fire inside about 20 years ago and no one has lived in it since. Carlee didnt understand why Johanna wanted to be her friend. There were about 20 little kids that lived on the block. She didnt worry too much. She turned around and headed for home.

    Carlees mom gets up at about 4 in the morning to go to work. Carlees mom was a secretary for another school that was just down the street. Carlees mom was tall and had brown hair and always wore it up in a bun and hardly ever wore it down. She always wore nice dress shoes and a skirt and a white blouse. Carlee tried a few times helping her mom dress better but she never wanted anyhelp with the way she dresses. The school she worked for was a high school. Carlee didnt like all the high schoolers making fun of Carlee for the way her mom acts at work (A.K.A. their school). Carlee told her mom to lay low and not mention her to any of her co-workers.

    When Carlee got home she heard it from her mom. Her mom just got up and was in the kitchen making herself a cup of fresh coffee.

    "Carlee Ann!"Her mom called from the kitchen.
    "Yeah mom?"
    "What were you doing out so late?!?!?"
    "taking a walk mom. Do you mind?"
    "Actually yes i do. I dont want you walking out that late little missy."
    "Well i had a bad dream."
    "Its 4:30 in the morning.! I think you should go and see a shrink."
    "What!!!!! Why?!?!?!?"
    "I dont like my daughter talking to her self at night when she walks."
    "I wasnt talking to myself tho....."
    "Really? Then who were you talking to? Cuz it looked like no one from here."
    "A little girl named Johanna."
    "I thought that we got rid of those imaginary friends of urs at our last visit to the shrink."
    "Whatever. i give up. I am going to bed. Good day mother!"

    Carlee ran upstairs and took off her shoes and layed down. Soon she fell asleep.