• Chapter Two: The Man in Armor

    “I've got to go find her!”I announced.

    “But Jacques-,” Mia started, but I was already grabbing my things. I ran out of the building with some of my friends after me. I got in my car.

    “C'mon, Jacques! This is suicide!”Gabe yelled.

    “Then I can say I died for her,” I said as I closed the convertible's door.

    “Don't be an idiot!”Parker screamed.

    “Too late.” I drove away. I returned to my house and ran inside. “I'll need all my weapons, some food and a change of clothes.” I reached the top of the stairs and swung my bedroom door open and began collecting some clothes.

    “What you up to?” Luc asked as he barged in.

    “Not now, Luc, I have no time on my hands.” I stated in a rushed voice.

    “Why?” Luc asked.

    “I don't have time for your dumb questions!” I said as I gathered more things.

    “But...” Luc started.

    “LOOK! My girlfriend just got kidnapped! I need to go save her! STOP DISTRACTING ME!” I flipped out.

    “Oh...sorry....” Luc said.

    “I need to gather some more things...more private....” I pulled a huge chest out from under my bed. I opened it and it transformed into an extremely long platform with weapons everywhere.

    “WHOA! Where did you get those?!” Luc said astonished.

    “Remember when I said I was buying a new suit on E-Bay? Well I lied...I bought all this stuff for a collection of weaponry...but get out please.” I said. Luc left. “Let’s see...I'll need a war bow, a dagger, some poison tipped knives, my frostbite blade, my claw gauntlets, and this weird stone. It’s all icy. I'll take it anyways.” I suited up and was ready to go. I held the stone in my hand and looked at it. I put it in my pocket. I looked in the mirror and saw a man. A man fully suited and ready to go. I smiled. “Ready to go...Time to get in my car.”

    I went outside and saw that my car was smashed. It looked like it has been shot with arrows and then beat down. “My car! Bah, I'll walk! My top priority, Save Kendra!” I ran by foot into the Midnight Woods.

    These woods weren't any ordinary woods. These woods harvest great power and some lethal enemies for the untrained. I continued on in the woods, swung around my sword a bit. Then I heard a rustle in the bushes. I looked around and put my hand on the handle of the Frostbite Blade. I continued on. When it reached dusk, I agreed to stop at the Ring of Midnight. The Ring of Midnight is an open area in the eye of the forest that is said to possess powers. Most people think it’s just a rumor. They think it’s just a spot there the moon's light fills the exact circumference of the area. I heard another rustle. I pulled out my blade. I kept it out as I kept walking.

    I reached The Ring of Midnight and marked it as base camp for the evening. I built up a fire and used leaves in a pillow case as a pillow. I pulled over a log near the fire and I used it as a seat. While he was warming his hands he heard the rustle but thought nothing of it. Soon he heard footsteps coming closer. He took out his Dagger. He continued with my dagger in my hand as if nothing happened. CLASH! There was a moment of silence. My hand was put out behind me with the dagger and there was a Man in Black armor that had his katana against my dagger.

    “I see you've been following me.”I said in a serious tone.

    “You’ve got a decent reaction time for a kid.” The man said.

    I smirked,” So why are you after me?”

    “You are number 2 on my master's hit list.” The man said.

    “Why me, and who's number one?”

    “Some girl named Kendra.” the black knight said, confused. I opened my eyes wide. He sprung up and pointed my dagger at the knight.

    “What do you know about her?!” I yelled.

    “I know nothing; he just doesn't want you to interfere.”

    “Well, let’s see what you got!” I began to stand in a bobbing stance.

    “You seriously are going to fight with that?” The knight chuckled.

    “Want me to get a bigger one?” I pulled out my frostbite blade. “Let’s end this.” The both of us charged into battle. I swung first and clipped the guy’s armor. I then swung for the neck but was blocked by the knight with ease.”You got good reaction time, but can you keep up with me?” I then ran at the knight but was smacked down.

    “You seriously thought you could beat me with that tactic? HA! You have got to do better than that, Jacques.”

    “Huh?! How do you know my name?!” I gasped.

    “How else? You are my mission...Who am I? The correct answer is in one of these 25 suitcases.”

    “OOO! I want 14! Go with 14!” I shouted.

    “WRONG! I'm sorry but I have to kill you!”

    “Dang...” I said sadly. “If my tactics stink then what are your tactics?”

    “I'll show you!” said the black knight. He charged at me and when I was about to counter, the man jumped over me and slashed me in the back.

    “ARGH!” I screamed.

    “See?”The man said.

    “I will take you out.” I said with no trace of mercy in my voice. I put away my blade and drew my dagger again. I charged at the knight and right when I looked like I was going to try to stab the knight, I threw a non- poisoned knife into his stomach.”How does that feel?” I then jumped over the knight and stabbed and left the dagger in the knights armored back.

    “You'll pay for those two attacks.” The knight then threw his sword into my shoulder. I fell on my knees.

    “Gah! You idiot! You gave up your weapon!” I snickered.

    “Oh really?” the knight replied. The moonlight shined on a chain that was attached to the sword.”One tug of this chain and I can rip your arm off!”

    It was 11:59 PM...05 seconds to 12:00. 04, 03, 02, 01... 12:00.