• Monday 10:38 pm

    Dear Diary,

    Ever had the feeling that you just got ur heart ripped out but then it turns into a feeling that makes you want to rip someone elses heart out? I guess u can kind of say I got that feeling today. See my daughter, Chasity she has well had a boyfriend and I talked to her earlier about not getting too involved with him so she wouldn't get hurt..well my nefew called my sister from home asking how fast we could get home..from Europe. I had no idea what was going on when she grabbed my hand and teleported us home. We walked in the house and it was dark. I still had no clue wat was happening. She called out to her son asking were he was and he was in the bathroom with my daughter in his arms..bleeding. I just instantly dropped to my knees, gently took Chasity from his arms and started crying. Her boyfriend raped her! If it werent for the fact that I was so upset I would've found that little b*****d and kicked his a** myself. But lucky for me Damian hated the boy already so he took the honor of kicking his a**. My poor Chasity was devistated..she thought he would never hurt her...I love that little girl to death..so much that it killed me that the first semi love experiance she ever had was terrible..God...I'm even crying as I think about it now..From now on I'm going to be there for my little girl no matter what..anyways goodnight i got to cry myself to sleep tonight...

    Love,Eternity Johnson