• i walked toward the school. i never liked the first day of a new school. mom and dad had jobs that kept us moving. one house for a few months then we move. its been like that since dad got to be CEO of his company. i felt two girls behind me. i turned and bumped into one of them. i looked up and felt my confidence drop. the small one had blazing golden eyes with silk black hair. the other one had flashing green eye with tiny specks of dark blue with hot red hair.and i notced they were signing! they could not talk! just like me?
    i quckily got up and bowed in embassment. i signed "u can't talk?"
    the bell rung right befor she got to answer. the small one grabbed me with amazing strength a person so small. somehow she knew what my home room was. i guess we both had the same homeroom because she sat down and sat me in the seat next to her.
    small person: hi my name is joanne!
    she passed the note to the red head.
    Red head: hi my name is alison.
    the teacher suddenly came in....
    (SORRY SO SHORT xd )