• A storm was coming from the west, swirling grey clouds. Something odd about them. "Kenneth, come in" "okay mom!" ...so Keneth, Sarah and me went in. But the doors were locked. The windows were painted black. FInally the door blew over. Inside wasn't Kenneth's house! it was a mansion! WE turned to go but the doors shut and locked. Red eys stared at us. then above, a voice came "HURRRY! THEY'RE COOOMMMMMING! THEY'RE. COMING. FOR....YOOOOOOOUUUUU!" WE stared at eachother in horror. Then a note fell it was horribly printed. The note consisted of dots spelling words (bad printer) it said : Hurry to the stairs. To the Stairs. Quick before the- " and then you couldn't tell what was written. we ran as quick as possible up the stairs. Flickers of orange were coming from the hallway. THe torches in the hallway lit up as we came through. As we came up the stairs, huge doors appeared. We puushed and pushed until the doors opened. It was the roof of the mansion. We looked onward. We realized we were in a small section of a big maze. On the outside was the black swirling mass of doom heading towards them. They were spreading quickly. Suddenly we heard a noise. We turned quickly and saw a hand with gloves curled it's fingers around the door. Then as quickly as it happened, the hand fell lifelessly. It twitched a few seconds then stopped. THe orange sparks from before were seen coming out. We hurried towards the walls of the maze. They were about 6 " long. We walked cautiously until Sarah slipped. Hanging onto the wall, she looked down. The only thing she saw was heavy mist. Kenneth hurried to grab her. "CMON!" he shouted to me. We both hauled over sarah. After she caught her breath, we started moving again. THe booming voice came again: "RUN CHILDREN! DO NOT LINGER! IF-" the voice was cut off. Then mist swirled in around us. We all thought we were together until Kenneth realized Sarah wasn't with us. "SARAH!?" no answer. We heard a faint groan. We moved in the general direction of the voice. Suddenly a cackle came from nowhere. "IT'S TOO LATE LITTLE KIDS! sHE's GoNe!" We stared at eachother in horror. "TOOOO ZEEEEE DUNNNGEOOONNSSSS FOR YOUR FRIEN-" the booming voice came again. Something light fell down from nowhere. I took a look at it.."UH...i think i'ts a map..." Kenneth took a look at it...."yeah"..."It's marked dungeon...right here...i'm guessing it wants us to go there?' "Dude, what if this is a trap, what if all of this is a trap?" "..Well...what about Sarah" "....hmmm..." "Besides...even if the voice wasn't there, where would we go anyways?" 'true....fine!" So we followed the map...the first place....was through a tunnel underground. "perfect place for no one to hear our muffled screams, huh?" Kenneth said sarcastically. "Shut it!" Little did we know, someone was watching. Uh, there's a tunnel with 3 trails...." "yeah..i know. it says to take the right." "mmkay" EVerytime we went through a trail more trails kept appearing. "Uh, it says go left." "i thought we already did that one!" "uh..no we didn't..wasn't that the one before the one before that one?' "no...." "i think we're lost...and trapped..."