• She ran her hand across the worn walls. The whispers grew louder with her touch like they knew there was some one they could talk to. The girl and the boy walked softly through the halls. More furniture appeared all as beautiful as the rest. Each piece of wood furniture had ornate carvings on them. The girl looked over the pictures that hung on the walls covered in dust. The whispers told her their names and a little bit about them. After a while her light fell on a door and as soon as it the voices grew anxious and loud.
    Go there. They have been in to long. Let them out.
    She walked over to the door and grabbed the knob, but it wouldn't turn. She pulled harder but it still wouldn't budge. She could feel their urgency and it was her urgency.
    Let them out! It's been too long! The voices said almost screaming. Open it! They can't be in there any longer! Let them out! She dropped her flashlight and started shaking the door with both hands. She needed to open it. They needed out.
    "What are you doing?" the boy asked looking bewildered.
    "They need out!" She said urgently still shaking the door.
    "Just help me!"
    “Okay.” The boy said grabbing the knob with her.
    Almost there keep trying! They are almost free! The voices sounded excited.
    The was a resounding crack as the door broke free making both fall to the floor. A cool breeze drifted out of the door and ran over them. It felt the cool on their skin, but warmth filled them down to the core.
    A whisper drifted through the door. Thank you.
    The other voices whispered in return. We all thank you. There voices have cried out to us for so long, but we could not help them.
    If you had not come we would still be trapped. We are eternally grateful. You are forever welcome here.
    The breeze past over them again warming their bodies down to the bone.

    “Now what was that fuss about?” the boy said getting up. The girl looked at the boy her eyes glazed over. She forgot the boy couldn’t hear them. She refocused and answered his question.
    “The voices wanted me to let them out. I’m not sure who they are though.” She got up and looked at the boy. “They are thankful and say we are forever welcome.”

    Go down we wish you to see something.
    “They want us to go down now.” She said looking down the stairs. It looked dark and uninviting.