• In the dull bedroom, a young girl of thirteen stared blankly out the window. She had lost everything. Everything.
    The fires carried away her life, her only love, her memories. It took all the will she had to not take out the hidden gun under her mattress. Why hadnt the fires carried her away? Why had it not killed her? She...she was the one who started it...
    "Samantha..." her aunt knocked on the girl's door. "I brought you your medicine..."
    Samantha had a mental breakdown right after the incident. This was her third in one year. She was a problem child from the very beginning.
    It wasnt her fault. But, it had been her fault in the incident.
    "I'm coming." She opened the door. Her aunt handed her the tray. Her aunt, Jane, refused to look at her niece. Jane admitted that Sam was crazy; a real nut job. Though she knew that, Jane never forgave Sam. If it wasnt for Sam, Jane's brother, her father, her mother, her sister-in-law...her only son...would still be alive.
    "I'm having guests over. It would be nice if you didnt ask for dinner. I'll make sure you get it."
    Sam didnt say anything; she took the medicine bottle and glass of water. No thank-yous or your-welcomes.
    "Your next appointment is tomorrow. I'll have the doctor knock."
    Sam went back into the room. She laid on her bed. Jane closed the door.
    The ceiling had never seemed as dull as it did that moment. It seemed watery too...
    Sam was crying...crying for the first time since she had been in this house. "Momma...Dad...I'm so sorry...Gran-pa, Gran-ma, James...God...I'm sorry." She shut her eyes, the tears falling as fast as they had formed. She instantly sat up. "I'm sorry, Aunt Jane..." She took the gun.
    The loud bang caused the whole house to shake. Jane dropped everything and ran upstairs. She threw the old door off its hinges. "SAMANTHA!!!" She ran to the bloody corpse on the wooden floor. "SAM!!!!"
    Sam died with her eyes opened, her forehead bleeding with a deep cavity in the middle. She had given up, she had said sorry. She had never said sorry before.