• I, Fallen Raymore, am different, as so many people claim to be. But I really, truely am. Honestly, how many girls do you know that sprout wings? None, didn't think so. See, I am different, but not one of a kind. I actually live with several other people with my... ability, I guess you could say. My mom and dad help train them to become inconspicuous in society, though they're completely human, so it must be a little difficult to relate. But maybe that's what they keep me around for.

    All of us Angels were born, most of us to human parents, and outcasted for our... oddities. So I can make wings come out of my back and use them to fly; big deal. Well, apparently, that makes us, quote 'freaks,' unquote, but frankly, I could care less what those lousy people think. I mean, have they ever shot off the top of a cliff at over 100 miles per hour? I think not.

    Well, I suppose some of us could be counted as strange, some more than others, because, well, some of us have... extra abilities. My dad actually named a few of them after the characters from X-men. I counted myself lucky when he didn't name Jess, who can move things with her mind, Jean or Pheonix. I think I may have had to slap him if he did that, but he did name Bobby and Xavier after the characters from the movie, and just as this would suggest, Bobby can make ice and Xavier can invade and sometimes control the mind.

    Though it isn't exactly uncommon to have an extra gift, it's more likely you will not. I, myself, actually seem to have more than one, though that is unheard of before me. I'm special, even by Angel terms.

    But, today things were a little off, and I noticed it from the beginning, but paid no mind to anything about it. I got up and got ready, just like every other day. I went down and ate breakfast with the many other Angel's who also inhabited my parents's ranch. They started taking them in left and right after they first found me. Many parents actually dropped their child off here without so much as a glance back. I let Mina do my hair because she's really talented, and I like looking good.

    After I finished breakfast, I went outside to go much the stables, and feed Lash, my horse. After I had finished with my chores, I went flying over the canyon that the ranch happens to be very close to. Now, I admit, I probably should have turned back when I saw those dark clouds coming in, but I really paid them no mind.

    I was flying over the lake of the canyon when I heard someone call my name. "Fallen!" someone exclaimed again, just as the sky roared, and the first of the raindrops fell onto my head. And then I realized it was more than one voice. I turned around, hovering, searching for the source of the voices that were reverberating off the canyon walls.

    I couldn't see anything really, and should have known better than to panic, but I kept twisting in the air, looking for whoever was calling me. I might have been able to dodge it if I had been paying attention, but I hadn't and I felt an intense jolt that paralyzed me in mid air, and not a second later, I was in a downward spiral towards the earth, and a second before a closed my eyes, resigned to my fate, I felt arms beneath me, and I wasn't falling anymore.

    The last thing I heard was the frantic call of my name and the plea for me to open my eyes. But I couldn't. It felt warm inside my head, so I succumbed and let unconciousness take me over. I always figured death would be hard, but it wasn't. It was easy and peaceful, and everything bad about the world seemed to disappear. Except, I wasn't dead.

    But maybe if I had died then, some of the stuff that's happened, wouldn't have.