• I’ve known him since I was a baby. As far back as I can remember, my earliest memory is with him. I didn’t always know what he is. In the beginning he was just my friend, someone to play with. I would sneak away to see him, first as a toddler and then when I got older. But as I got older, I realized that he never changed. I saw that he was different.

    He was, and is a vampire. Though he did not tell me right away. The first day I asked him, as a small curious girl why he didn’t change , he just said he would tell me when I was older. And, like any child, I asked him again nearly every day. He would laugh, his blue eyes sparkling below soft black hair, and tell me that I would have to wait.

    I was three when I met him. I was running from my nanny, enjoying the game of “chase me”. She was a slow woman, who could never catch me. I didn’t know any other children. I was to be home-schooled. My family was very high society and while my parents often socialized with people, I rarely spent time with anyone my age.

    That day I decided to run farther than normal. I had long lost my nanny and laughed at the thought of her proper self, tramping through the forest after me. I walked to a clearing and saw him. I figured he was just another one of my parent’s guest, taking a walk through the forest.

    “Hello!” I said to the young adult figure. He smiled, making me beam yet even more. His blue eyes looked at my own brown as he bent down.
    “Now who do we have here?” he asked me.
    “M… Marie.” I replied, blushing.
    “Marie, such a pretty name for such a pretty little girl.”
    I giggled and rocked on my feet before saying, “What’s your name?”
    “Alexander.” he replied to the first of my many questions.

    That was my first encounter with Alexander. And, that’s all I remember from our first meeting. From then on, I would always sneak away to see him.

    I was about four when I first told my parents of Alexander. They laughed and thought it was just an imaginary friend. I went to him that night, as I did almost every time I could get away. He told me that they wouldn’t understand. That it was best to keep him a secret, so they wouldn’t keep me from going to him. He was my only friend, and I trusted him wholeheartedly. So, for years I did not mention him again to anyone.

    I was six when my mother died from a wagon accident. My father was too heartbroken to notice when I was gone. No longer did I have to sneak away to see Alexander. I could just walk away from the house and into our woods. He would always be there. He would hold me as I cried; comfort me when I felt more alone than I ever had. He gave me a doll then. It was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen. She wore the most beautiful white gown I had seen on anyone, doll or otherwise. Her curly brown hair fell to the small of her back, and brown eyes shined back at me. I named her Eleanor, after my mother. From then on, she was one of my most prized possessions.

    After my mother’s funeral, my father became very protective of me. I rarely was allowed to leave the house. When I did, I could not leave my father’s side. I missed my only friend Alexander terribly. I would hug Eleanor and think of him, wanting to go visit him, but not being able to escape.

    One night, shortly after my seventh birthday, I awoke screaming from a nightmare. Our house was too big for anyone to hear me, and I sat in the dark… alone. I did what any scared, lonely little girl would do, I cried. I laid in bed; Eleanor hugged tightly to my chest, tears streaming down my face.

    It was then when he visited my house for the first time. He knocked on my window before climbing through it. I sat up in my bed, wide eyed, and overjoyed to see him.
    “Alexander!” I exclaimed, careful not to be too loud.
    “Hello, Marie.” he said as he sat on the foot of my bed. I crawled over to him and sat in his lap, Eleanor held tightly against me with one arm.
    “I missed you.” I said, as I hugged him. He chuckled and hugged me back as he replied, “I missed you too dear Marie.”
    I fell asleep in his arms that night, feeling safe and loved. When I awoke the next morning, I was tucked in my bed, as if I hadn’t moved. But I knew it wasn’t just a dream.

    Alexander continued to visit me when I couldn’t escape to see him. Soon, it became regular for Alexander to visit me, instead of me going to see him. I had no idea how he did it, but he always knew whether I would be able to get out, or if he needed to magically climb to my third story room to see me.

    Sometimes he would see me in the middle of the day, when he could. He would play with me. We would have tea parties and play dress up with funny hats, laughing. He never got tired of playing as other adults did.

    It was over a whole year later before Alexander told me what he was. I finally asked him the question that I had left unasked for a few months. He told me then, he told me he was a vampire. I think I was at a good age for him to tell me, neither to young or old to be scared. Young enough to believe, but not to young to be afraid. I knew Alexander and no matter what he was, I knew he was not going to hurt me.

    A few years passed and I was soon thirteen. My father still did not know of Alexander and he continued to visit me. Alexander still was my only companion. It was then that I first realized that I was attracted to him. It started as a schoolgirl’s crush. Soon though, it grew into something more. No longer did I see him as my childhood friend. I didn’t tell him, fearing it would ruin our relationship. Nevertheless, I would look at him and feel a deep yearning to be with him.

    By the time I was fifteen, I knew everything about Alexander and his world of vampires. He told me everything from his favorite colour, to his eating habits. He did drink blood, but only that of his own kind, other vampires (“with the occasional cow“, as he would joke). There were those that offered themselves to him for blood, then tried to be with him. He was never attracted to any of them however. Secretly, I was relieved with that news.

    Yet another year passed and I had my sixteenth birthday ball. My father invited countless people, even people my own age. However, I did not know most of them. He invited many suitors. Among them, George. He was the most stubborn of them all. He refused to take no as an answer. He managed to get me alone in a corner of the room and again he would not take no as an answer. Alexander saved me. He pulled George away from kissing me and scared him enough that he did not bother me again. I barely got out my thanks when Alexander kissed my cheek and said his quick goodbye, leaving the party.

    My father asked why I did not like any of the “fine” suitors that were there. It was then that I told him that there was someone I already had in mind. He asked whom, eager to know. I told my father that his name was Alexander, and that was it.

    Another two years passed and I knew that I was madly in love with Alexander. It then became apparent that he felt something for me as well. My father had continued to question me, when finally I introduced him to Alexander. He did not know Alexander was a vampire. He was eager to know why he had not met Alexander before. Alexander told him it was because he was not from anywhere around here, not from the States, but from Europe. This was not entirely untrue though, Alexander had moved here from Europe decades before.

    Nearly six months later, Alexander confessed his love to me. I was overjoyed with this and then confessed how long I wished he would say that. He, in turn told me he also had felt this way for awhile, but did not say anything for fear that it would be inappropriate.

    Another 8 months passed and Alexander took me on a walk. He often did this, but this walk was to a place I had not been to in nearly five years. Alexander took us to the clearing where we first met, over sixteen years ago. There, he got on his knee and promised to love me for eternity, to always be there. To love, comfort, and protect me. There, he asked me to marry him. I blissfully accepted, not caring if he was a vampire or not. I sealed my yes with a long, romantic kiss.

    My father was happy with the news. He very much liked Alexander, and I think he saw it coming. He started making wedding plans immediately.

    Another six, long months passed before the plans were complete. We were to be wed on my land, in spring. My father took care of most of the plans, always consulting me before he made a decision. There was only one thing I was not allowed to have a part in. My dress. Neither did my father. Alexander did. He insisted that it be the one thing that he took care of. Trusting him so completely as I did, I allowed him to.

    Only two days before the wedding did I get to see my dress. Alexander sent it to me in a box, and I eagerly opened it. I think my heart nearly stopped when I opened the box. Inside, was the same, gorgeous gown that my doll Eleanor wore. I turn my head to the doll sitting in a chair in the corner of my room. The dress was exactly the same. I wanted to go and kiss him, thank him, but I was not allowed to see Alexander until the wedding.

    The morning of the wedding, there were so many maids tending to me. I kept thinking of Alexander the entire time, and how in only a few short hours I would finally be his. Though, in a way, I always was. When they were finally done preparing me, I stepped towards the mirror. I gasped at my own reflection. I was a life-sized version of my doll, Eleanor. My own hair cascaded down my back in beautiful curls. My brown eyes shined and I wore a stunning white gown.
    I nearly cried at how perfect it all was.

    They lead me downstairs, outside to where the wedding would be, all telling me advice at once. I nodded, not listening to their buzzing. The only thing I could think about was Alexander and seeing him. Soon, I could see all the people, hundreds of them. But not the one that truly mattered. He was hidden behind the hedge that I would be walking around, making my entrance. My father was there, smiling at me, tears threatening to form in his eyes.
    “You look so beautiful, just like your mother. She would be so proud,” he said before I gave him a hug. He hugs me back, and then pulls back, taking my arm to lead me down the aisle.

    I hear the music start to play as we turn the corner. Everyone stands, and my eyes lock onto Alexander. He is standing there, looking the same way he did seventeen years ago when I first met him. The way he would look forever. I smiled, hoping that it wasn’t just a dream.
    The ceremony seemed a blur, up until the moment we said, “I do”. Nothing else mattered but Alexander, he was my everything.

    Only a month passed and I asked him the question that had been swirling around my head for years. “Will you turn me?” He was reluctant at first, but after convincing him that was what I wanted, what I really wanted, to be with him forever, he agreed.

    So, I sit here writing this, because soon I will not remember any of it. I love Alexander, enough to give up my life for him. Once he turns me, I won’t remember any of this, any of my past. It is a small price to be with him forever. He has been with me my entire life, through everything. I would give my life for him, and… in a way I am. I don’t see it as losing my life though, but gaining one with Alexander. He’s always been there for me, I trust him more than anyone.

    I trust my vampire keeper.