• “Well, she is defiantly a pretty thing. Isn’t she?” I hear a voice to the left of the room say.
    “Hmm, very pretty.” another voice says. I can feel their stares on me, like death itself.
    “Now, Sethos you will get your chance.” a voice I vaguely recognize as the man with red eyes, on the far left. There is silence and I nearly dare to look up, but remember Kels’s warning.

    Suddenly I can feel someone by me. I close my eyes as I feel him lean down towards me, smelling me, deeply inhaling my scent. A shudder of pure fear runs through me and whoever was smelling me leans back. Not being able to see anything but the floor and my own bare feet brings the fear to a whole new level.

    “Hmm, she is defiantly a wonderful new addition.” the voice behind me says. I hear the voice’s owner walk round me towards the table once again.
    “The question is where to put her?” yet another voice says.
    “Oh, I know the answer to that. At least for tonight. I want her.” the one whom they called Sethos answers. The way he says it sends chills up my entire body.

    “Well, I think that is acceptable.” the first voice I heard says.
    “And what if I want to play with her?” the voice of the red-eyed man says.
    “Oh, we all know you will suck her dry, Aeron. Let Sethos have his fun with her tonight.” the voice who asked “where to put me” said.
    “Very well.”

    More silence. The suddenly, “Look up, slave.” I slowly raise me head to see their faces, but make sure I don’t look directly into their eyes. The man on the far right with black wings stands up and I can feel his gaze on me. “You will learn the rules here very quickly. We are your masters. You will obey our every request. If not, you will learn how to. I am master Andras. To my right, Master Sethos. Then Master Conan, Master Fyren, and then Master Aeron.”

    With my head now up, I could see that “Master Aeron” was the vampire, Fyren the one with cat ears and tail. Master Sethos and Conan were the ones who looked human… or mostly human. There was still something unnatural about them. Aeron had black hair, and looked in his late twenties… but then again Kels was well over a hundred and only looked 17. His blood red eyes looked at me with a look of wanting… of hunger. Fyren’s hair was long, light blonde and to his shoulders. He looked a little older, around his early thirties and his eyes a piercing green. Conan looked the same age as Aeron, and had shaggy brown hair. Andras had light brown hair, cut shortly with eyes nearly the same as his hair. My eyes lock onto Sethos, who was the one to “play with me” later. He looked like the youngest, early twenties if that. His black hair falls right above his piercing blue eyes. Just his look could tell me what he was thinking.
    I prayed for my life.

    “Sethos,” master Conan starts. “I think our meeting is over. Have fun with her.” With that all but Sethos leave.

    When they all leave Sethos stands and slowly walks towards me, a grin on his face. Fear runs through me and my heart pounds in my chest. “Fyren was right. You are a very pretty one.” he says circling around me. “I will have fun with you. But, the question is, what should I do to you first?”

    I look up into his cold blue eyes, my own wide with fear. Suddenly, I’m on the ground and pain flares from my cheek. Sethos stands over me. “You dare show me such disrespect?” I try to think of what I had done, when I remember Kels’s warning. I looked into his eyes. He kicks me in the ribs so hard; I swear I hear a crack. “You’re just lucky I’m in charge of you tonight instead of one of the others. You will find that I am the nicest. If it were up to any of the others, you would be dead already.” He pauses and lifts me painfully off the ground by my arm. Leaning close to me he whispers in my ear, “But I like you.”

    His grip on my arm nearly breaks my bones as he drags me to another room. This one is just as beautiful and elegant as the rest of the building. The walls are deep blue, while the carpet is soft and thick. A giant bed is against one wall, neatly made and perfectly matching everything with amazing coherence.

    I feel Sethos’s iron grip on my arm release and I quickly make sure my gaze goes to the floor, my burning cheek and side a reminder of the rule. “So pretty.” he mumbles nearly too soft to hear. “And so innocent and clueless. I bet you have no idea what I am, do you?” he nearly laughs.
    I don’t answer for fear of talking out of line. “Answer me.” he commands, irritation showing in his voice.
    “No.” I answer reluctantly.

    More pain sears through my body, and I’m on the floor once again with Sethos gazing over me. “I didn’t tell you you could speak. Get up.” he commands. As I stand and mentally go through everything Kels had told me, making sure I don’t make another mistake.
    “You need to learn how to show some respect. I never said you could speak. Now answer me the right way.” he pulls me up once again, his face that I’m sure could be beautiful, ugly and fearsome. “You have no idea what I am do you?”
    I shake my head no. His crushing grip on me loosens. Soon I feel his breath on my ear and neck as he leans in towards me. “I, my toy, am a demon.” he whispers so soft chills of fear rush through me.

    Suddenly, my head is lifted up and his lips crash onto mine. I freeze in shock and fear, but he continues to kiss me roughly, pushing me towards the bed. He stops and says against my unmoving lips, “You better kiss me back slave, or you will die.” The threat in his voice real.

    I try to kiss back, fearing for my life. He grins against my lips and continues to kiss me fiercely. He pushes me back even deeper into the bed, until I am lying down on it, Sethos on top of me. Realization of what is going to happen sinks in, and my mind is paralyzed with yet even more fear. It spreads from my mind, through my whole body. My mind and body freeze and I am no longer in the room. One word flows through my mind, screaming its protest.
    No. No. No.

    My mind repeats it over and over. Sethos growls and grabs my hair, pulling my head back. “You’re really pushing my limits.” he whispers harshly in my ear before his lips move to my neck, sucking and licking.
    No. No. No.

    My mind finally connects to my body. I struggle from his grip, but he is to strong. I take my one free arm and start hitting him as hard as I can but it’s no use- he’s to powerful. He grabs both of my hands with one of his, raising both of mine above my head, pinning them immobile above me. He starts to unbutton his shirt with his other hand.
    “A fighter. Well, I will break you of that.” he says as he looms over me, undoing the buckle on his pants.

    Tears form in my eyes as I realize that there is no escape. “Please,” I beg “Don’t do this. Please…”
    “Good, beg. I love it when they beg.”
    I close my eyes, tears falling from them. Sethos continues to kiss me, working on my neck, slowly going lower. He rips off the small uniform I wear, then viciously attacks my breasts.
    I close my eyes, waiting for this to be over. I feel Sethos on top of me. His one hand still pinning both of mine, his other running up and down the contours of my body, and his mouth attacking every piece of my exposed skin.

    I feel Sethos get off me and open my eyes, hoping that it was over. That he was done. I look, only to see Sethos ripping off his boxers, the last piece of clothing. With my hands free, I try to back away while simultaneously trying to cover and protect myself.
    Even though I don’t have a chance.

    “Now now my pet, don’t run.” Sethos grins, nearing me. I curl into a ball in a doomed attempt to keep myself from him. I feel his arms around my naked body pull towards him, and then under him.
    “So beautiful.” he grins before entering me with one hard thrust, causing me to scream in pain. He moans in pleasure and starts rocking back and forth. Pain runs through me, making me wince and scream with every movement. Sethos continues to viciously thrust into me, satisfying his needs. Tears form in my eyes and fall from my face. I close my eyes and turn my head, wishing for it all to end.

    Soon most of the pain stops and Sethos thrust yet even harder and deeper. My body betrays my mind and pain becomes unwanted pleasure. The screams and winces become escaped moans.
    Sethos screams as he releases himself into me with one final trust, his back arching and head tilting back. He pulls himself from me and I quickly scoot away, only to have him pull my body against his. He inhales the scent of my hair then leans back and says, “You will stay with me tonight, slave. You are very lucky, not many get this opportunity. Be grateful.”

    He pulls my still naked body against his, my back against his chest, and pulls the blankets over us.

    I close my eyes, praying for something to stop all of this. Pray that this is just a horrible nightmare and I will wake up in my own bed, remembering who I am and in a world where vampires, werewolves, and demons don’t exist.